ManufacturerAegis Dynamics
Maximum Crew2 [1]
Standalone Price$250-$295[2]
Mass (empty)45,000kg[1]
Cargo Capacity0 SCU[1]
Height8.8m (8.5m Gear down, 6.3m folded)[1]
Beam39m (25m folded)[1]
Max Power Plant2× Size 2[1]
Factory Power PlantComing Soon[1]
Max Engine [?]
(primary thruster)
2x TR4[1]
Factory Engine2x X-Forge D/S4-320 (TR4)[1]
Maneuvering Thrusters [?]12× TR2[1]
Max Shield [?]2[1]
Shield6x S2[1]

The Aegis Dynamics Vanguard,[3] originally known as the 'Bulldog', is a Twin-Engine Deep Space Fighter. Deep space fighters are typically used to pursue engagements in outlying areas when support from a carrier is not available. The Vanguard can be modified to a different variant with Battlefield Upgrade Kits (BUKs).

Official Description

Strike hard from a distance! The Vanguard, a recent design from Aegis, has quickly become Earth’s premier deep space fighter. Deep space fighters are typically used to pursue engagements in outlying areas when support from a carrier is not available. Vanguards are usually flown by ground- and station-based naval forces, and are widely used by militia squadrons. Specifically designed to operate from planetary bases and engage targets up to a star system’s distance, the fighter trades some maneuverability for an extended supply of fuel and munitions as well as basic survival accommodations for a pilot and radar operator.

The Vanguard’s RIO operates a turret, the ship’s missile loadout (optionally) and its highly advanced sensor suite. This distinct scanning array gives the Vanguard a particular advantage when fighting in and around an obstacle such as an asteroid field or nebula! Finally, the Vanguard is known to be an extraordinarily sturdy spacecraft, with multiple backup systems not commonly found in single-seat ships; stories of Vanguards limping back to base with a single engine and half their fuselage exposed to vacuum have become common as the battle against the Vanduul has heated up.[4]

Vanguard variants


Vanguard Warden

The Vanguard Warden is the base version of the Vanguard series. The Warden is suited for dogfighting and exploration.[5] It is the only variant with long term life support and beds – escaping in this will give an improved chance of being recovered. The escape pod of the other variants will only give slightly improved chance over standard ejection.[5]


Vanguard Harbinger

The Vanguard Harbinger is the fighter-bomber variant of the Vanguard series.[6] Designed for long-distance tactical strikes, the Harbinger includes basic survival accomodations. It is slower than the other variants, but has additional armor.The Harbinger’s cockpit includes additional armored panels to protect the pilot.[6]


Vanguard Sentinel

The Vanguard Sentinel (Electronic warfare) is oriented towards causing confusion on the battlefield.[5] From EMP pulses to command and control interference, the Vanguard Sentinel will support battlefield operations by making it all that much harder for opponents to stay in contact and have proper information.[5][6]

Vanguard variants table

note: It is possible to mix parts (BUKs) from different variants to create your own Vanguard variant.[6]

Vanguard Warden Vanguard Harbinger Vanguard Sentinel
Nose S5 APOC Revenant

Balistic Gatling Gun[5]

S5 Mass driver railgun[5] S5 Plasma gun[5]
Bay Escape pods,


Alternate Escape pod,

Torpedo bay[5]

Alternate Escape pod,

Tech terminal and Computer core[6]

Cockpit Base cockpit Armored cockpit[5] AR cockpit (Broader view)[6]
Exterior Base exterior


Additional armor[5]
Rocket turret
Electronic Warfare Pod[6]
Extra Long term life support[6] Survival accomodations,

More fuel[5]

Decoy Missiles,

EMP Charges[5]

Additional Information



The A3G Vanguard is the United Empire of Earth’s dedicated deep space fighter. Initially developed as a bomber-destroyer, the Vanguard is a hard-charging bulldog of a ship which features extensive forward-mounted weaponry designed to tear through the shields and armor of other spacecraft. Four high-caliber forward laser cannons and a massive central Gatling gun(Warden variant) give the Vanguard an unprecedented amount of sheer striking power. So-named because their multiple-jump range allows them to form the forefront of any military expedition, Vanguard have seen extensive service against the Vanduul.

The Vanguard trades the maneuverability of the Hornet, Lightning and Gladius for extended range, armor and durability. With more hardpoints and increased space for onboard computer systems, the design can boast improved radar and a credible electronic warfare suite(Sentinel variant). In combat, the Vanguard’s roles are extensive: long range jump scout, extended duration patrol/reconnaissance ship, fighter-bomber (when equipped with torpedoes), tactical command and control ship, bomber interceptor and, in the proper hands, even a fighter-killer. The Vanguard’s extensive range can allow for missions lasting days or even weeks. Internally, the ship is fitted with sleeping berths and reclamation facilities to support such missions.

With a notable silhouette, the Vanguard is best known for its distinctive twin X-Forge engines, which allow for both an impressive top speed and an extensive backup system for enhanced combat survivability. Coupled with a superstructure composed from a distinct tungsten alloy, more than one Vanguard pilot has returned to base with little more than a single engine and the charred remains of a fuselage.

Vanguard units have been assigned to both planetary bases and aboard larger space stations. The fighter’s legendary durability allows it to operate in all-weather conditions with limited maintenance and makes it particularly beloved by the hard-fighting UEE Marines, who make frequent use of its ability to comfortably operate from makeshift combat bases.[1]

Developer Comments and Quotes

At $59 million, you voted for the Twin-Engine Deep Space Fighter, the first pure fighting ship we’ve seen added to the lineup in quite a while. The deep space fighter was inspired by the twin-engine aircraft of World War II, like the de Havilland Mosquito and the Messerschmitt 110. While there’s no “night” in space, there are reasons for wanting a ranged fighter… and the ability to fight in all-weather conditions take on an entirely new meaning in an environment with meteor storms and sensor-dampening nebulae![4]

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Interior Vanguard Warden

Interior Vanguard Harbinger

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