I finished my Star Citizen galaxy map.

Galaxy map


Version 2.0 release notes

the literature states that ODIN is linked to BAKER, OSIRIS and HELIOS, making the previous "north of Baker" position the only one that matched. This meant that Osiris & Helios would have to be Xi'An systems, but from the newly unlocked Osiris literature we can tell it's clearly UEE (probably "Sub-UEE"). My best guess is that ODIN is south of BAKER, OSIRIS is the Sub-UEE system to the North-East, and HELIOS was not shown in the Map Demo.

–Zuur's forum post

  • Relocated Virtus and Tal. Where Tal is now the map demo video shows a star with an extremely short name tag, a potential match for Tal. Virtus being the intermediate jump between UEE and Xi'An makes sense because according to Writer's Guide 6 Virtus has been a no-man's land between the UEE and Xi'An until the peace treaty. Also the Perry Line now makes more sense as a border between UEE and Xi'An.
  • Added jump path between Tyrol and Odin which is hard to see in the map demo video but it's there
  • Added number of planets to star systems
  • Added star sizes
  • Added starlight colours
  • Added the nebula around Goss and Goss's nickname Olympus Pool
  • Removed yellow strategic value from Bacchus

Resons for Tal's and Virtus's new location

  • The map demo video shows at 00:01:54:22 shows a Xi'An star with an extremely short name tag, a potential match for Tal
  • According to RSIIcon Writer's Guide 6 on RSI Website Virtus has been a no-man's land between UEE and Xi'An in times before it was declared Xi'An Territory with the peace treaty and Perry Line, so Virtus should be closer to the UEE border now.
  • It makes sense that Tal could has been receptive to human presence if we think humans knowing the jump path to it travelling there over Virtus (which's new location is also marked with a name tag roughly matching the Virtus's name's length in the map video, almost hinting the letters as well).
  • Perry Line now nicely aligns with the border between UEE and Xi'An.

On crime status

There are four crime statuses which I inferred from the descriptions of the situation:

Davien (low crime status): Should you find yourself in the Davien System this upcoming weekend, you should travel to New Arden on Davien II for this year’s Traveller’s Day

Cassandra's Tears Issue 10, about Croshaw (low crime status): Croshaw system was quiet. It was an average day on almost all of the planets. People went to work. Kids went to school. There were four active jump-points in the system, one went to the Sol System and Earth, the second went to the Nul System an unclaimed system due to the variable star at its center, the third went to Davien System…

Magnus (medium crime status): The Red Death has struck again. The reputed pirate and his band of degenerates have hit yet another convoy travelling through Magnus. This is the seventh attack in as many months.

Tyrol (high crime status): fugitives, criminals, expatriates, and outlaws decided to roll the dice and hide in a dying system


The sources I used are these:

Other sources

The Adobe Illustrator file also contains layers of source notes and description of the way I found some particularly tricky star locations and their names.

The whole process of making this map was streamed live on my channel. It's several hours long, over several days, but you'll be able to see my reasoning with every bit of the map in there.

Discussion on SC forum

I announced the publication of this map in this thread on the SC forum.

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