A ship’s Upgrade Capacity defines its ability for a ship to add additional modules or systems to the base hull. Some upgrades–for instance, an enlarged cargo hold–will require more than one upgrade slot.

The number and combination of potential upgrade modules is nearly limitless, but some examples include:

  • Enhanced Cargo Hold -alters your ship’s overall cargo capacity. These come in different flavors: one might give you more room, another might include an electromagnetic barrier that hides contraband from police scans.
  • Internal Bulkhead – increases your ship’s capacity for taking damage (available in different materials: plasteel, durasteel, isometa etc.)
  • Avionics Upgrade – increase your ship’s targeting range, friend or foe identification speed, depth of field, etc. with any number of internal computer hardware updates.
  • Refinery Tools – larger ships are capable of tractoring in spaceborne junk and asteroids. With a refinery lab aboard your ship you can reduce them to their core components, increasing immediate resale value.
  • Gun Capacitor – increase the amount of energy your ship can shift from engines to guns at any given time.
  • Jump Drive – if you’re going to travel from system-to-system, you’ll need a jump drive! Jump drives range from a journeyman model for ordinary pilots to complex explorer models that increase your chances when charting a new star system. Another option is a stealth model which reduces your “jump flash” and makes it easier for you to travel undetected.
  • Shield Generator – available in a thousand makes and models, each of which can be chained or tuned to a specific pilot’s preferences! Standard shield generators provide X protection at Y recharge for Z energy usage per second. Other models might reflect particular types of guns (ie, a 20% chance of deflecting an energy blast, but weak against physical shot and the like) and still others might impact a ship’s stealth. A strong forward “ramming shield” offers an option to players who want an alternative method of dogfighting...

Note that all of these upgrades also have tradeoffs. The ability to shift more energy to guns also decreases it from engines and shields, an increased cargo hold means that maneuverability or speed is impacted, etc.


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