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The United Empire of Earth Senate is the sole representative body of the interstellar government and comprised of senators representing UEE planets, who serve for five years and can serve multiple terms. The Senate's primary role is to pass legislation and act as an advisor to the Imperator. Only the largest and most influential planets have multiple Senators, with Earth having the most at five. Kallis is one of the few systems without a Senator.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

UEE Political Parties[]

Centralist Party (C) - Traditional even somewhat libertarian-styled political ideology. It’s about sustaining and maintaining the status quo, and excelling through the values of humanity. Embrace the past, be proud of where you came from, etc. Needless to say, they support keeping Earth as the capital.

Transitionalist Party (T) - Relatively recent “People’s Party” formed around promoting a progressive human agenda. Most of their rhetoric is aimed towards “the future.” They obviously support Terra as the center of the UEE.

Universal Party (U) - Institution based Ideology. Government and systems will guide people. Seen by some as blue blood, wealth-based ideologues.

Known senators of the UEE[]

Name Party Planet System Title
Marshall Madrigal U Borea Magnus system Speaker of the Senate
Junger Riles C Lorona Banshee system
racey Glenn U Saisei Centauri system
Ghata Veras C Lo Corel system
Yann Isher C Angeli Croshaw system Chair of Senate Subcommittee on the Interior
Kyle Polo U Angeli Croshaw system
Rachel Lester T Vann Croshaw system
Tetsuo Shima T Cestulus Davien system Chair of Senate Subcommittee on Expansion & Development
Jeda Cavendash C Earth Sol system
Rashmi Nayar C Noble Ellis system
Fessel Quinn T Green Ellis system
Yori Co C Green Ellis system
Clay Harren U Kampos Ellis system
Taryn Glasi C Vosca Elysium system
Nadir Corr U Jalan Elysium system
Gio Han U Jalan Elysium system
Turson Haskei U Asura Ferron system
Octavia Beate U Asura Ferron system
Warden Vol T Goss system
Errol Gans C Locke Idris system
Alisa Lee U Keene Kilian system
Kelos Albervar T Terra Terra system
Mira Ngo T Terra system
Hannigan Terra system Member of Subcommittee on Expansion & Development
Peter B. Hartwell C Vega system
Edward Aemile C Aremis Vega system

Senate hearings are recorded by Archivist Yates or Assistant Archivist Burg.[7]

Recent legislative activity[]

SENATOR MIRA NGO (T-TerraSys) Initiative # unknown 2942-8-4 SET

  • Proposal to move the capital of the UEE from Earth to Terra.SENATOR PETER B. HARTWELL (C-Vega Sys): Legislation #14467-BL 2942.2.5 SET
  • First Line earmarks a higher percentage of the next budget cycle to be allocated towards a complete overhaul of border security protocols. There are two main sections to the bill: Current Systems and Future Endeavors. SENATOR JUNGER RIES (C – Lorona – Banshee Sys): Initiative #3586-GHSD 2943-11-19 SET
  • Initiative outlines a plan to eliminate Gold Horizon stations and stop the build-up of a violent and undesirable element.SENATOR KYLE POLO (U-Angeli-Croshaw Sys): Initiative #AD8 4329 2945-02-24 SET
  • A bill that will force High Command to evaluate and cut ten percent of their overall budget.
  • Withdrawn on 2945-08-25 SET then reissued AD8-4329 as an initiative for the Citizens of the Empire (Public Vote by Citizens).SENATOR CLAY HARREN (U-Kampos-Ellis Sys): Initiative # unknown 2945-06-30 SET
  • Proposal outlines a series of improvements to QuarterDeck’s existing security protocols and also creates necessary new ones including compulsory work in the prison Antimatter refinery facilities for prisoners. 

Senator's Vow[]

When taking office:

I, [Pro tem Representative's Full Name], do solemnly vow that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the United Empire of Earth, that I will support and defend the Empire against all enemies, that I will not let injustice stand within the law and use reason and compassion to seek change through the law, that I will use this power granted to me to serve the best interests of all Humanity and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.

Senate subcommittees[]

Subcommittee of Spectrum Approval

  • The Spectrum is light based form of digital communication and is the successor to the Internet.

Subcommittee on Expansion & Development.

  • Issues ordinances with the consent of the High-Secretary.
  • Receives reports from the independent panel regarding the designation of developing species that possess the resonable capacity for evelution into intelligence.


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