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The Tevarin (pronounced: / TEV-are-inn /) were the third extraterrestrial race to be discovered by the UEE. They were almost completely destroyed by the UEE at the Battle of Centauri on August 2, 2610 SET.[1] The Tevarin are formerly from Kaleeth, which was terraformed and colonized by Humans and renamed to Elysium IV, then later to Jalan.[2]


Humanity’s first interstellar enemy … and second.[3] The UPE first established contact with the space-faring civilization in 2541. While not as technologically advanced as us, the Tevarin were beginning to strike out into the universe. A proud, martial society, the Tevarin wanted what we had and struck first. While the battlegrounds never threatened Earth or Terra, what the Tevarin lacked in technologically, they more than made up for in strategic brilliance and endurance, causing the war to last over four years. The turning point was the infamous Battle of Idris IV, which introduced a young officer, Ivar Messer, to the populace of the UPE.

After the Tevarin defeat, the UPE terraformed the Tevarin systems and killed off their indigenous ecosystems for Human colonization. The remaining Tevarin were either absorbed into the UPE or fled to the Banu or Xi'an systems.

In 2603, a new Tevarin Warlord, Corath’Thal, emerged from the corners of the cosmos with a rebuilt Tevarin battle-fleet and launched his first attack against the UEE[4] systems. Their sole mission was to reclaim Elysium IV, their former homeworld. While it was a sympathetic cause that some Humans could support, the UEE wasn’t about to give up territory. This war lasted seven years and touched almost every corner of the UEE.

On August 2, 2610 SET, Corath’Thal suffered a catastrophic defeat at the hands of Squadron 42 at the Battle of Centauri. With his fleet rapidly falling to either destruction or surrender, Corath’Thal mustered his remaining loyal pilots to make a desperate charge for Elysium IV. Though they lost an additional 70% of the fleet, they finally reached the atmosphere of their old homeworld. Corath’Thal and his pilots lowered their thermal shields and dove for the planet[5].

With this second defeat, the spirit of the Tevarin race was irrevocably broken. Imperator Messer II used the victory to cement his place as ruler of the newly christened United Empire of Earth.


Controlled star systems

All known Tevarin systems and worlds were seized by the UEE and resettled by Humans, except for the recently discovered abandoned hidden Tevarin fortress world of Kabal III.

Diplomatic status

There isn’t an official Tevarin civilization or government, as the race has almost been completely eradicated and its homeworld has been rendered uninhabitable for the Tevarin, effectively making them a dying race.

A few showcase Tevarin have been given Citizenship to display the UEE’s tolerance, but total Tevarin Citizens might be measured in triple (or even double) digits. The most notable of these showcase citizens is Suj Kossi, a UEE Navy veteran and Medal of Valor recipient who is currently running in the Jalan senatorial election.


Even though the Second Tevarin War ended over three hundred years ago (2610), there is a nearly culture-wide resentment of the UEE military that resonates to this day, so the number of volunteers in the UEE military is very low. The majority of Tevarin in the military arrive via the UEE judicial system. Certain Tevarin criminals are offered a choice: serve your time on QuarterDeck or do a mandated number of tours in a front-line (re: cannon-fodder/Dirty Dozen) squad, usually patched together from Tevarin and human convicts. It’s possible, though rare, for Tevarin to elevate in rank from these squads into more ‘legitimate’ branches of the UEE military.


The Tevarin were somewhere between a feudalistic society and an oligarchy. The military ran everything. The only way to upgrade your station in life was to distinguish yourself in combat. That being said, those not in the military weren’t ignored — since everybody contributed to the system, everybody was cared for. Some fought, others farmed.

The highest title was Warlord. It sounds much more violent than it is. The Tevarin were not a bloodthirsty race. They simply honored the art of war.



Originally the Tevarin followed Rijora (/REE-jorr-ah/), a warrior-code similar to Bushidō on ancient Earth. The Tevarin believed in honor, fealty and duty above all else. Breaking their strict code meant excommunication or even execution in extreme cases.

After their defeat in the first war and the loss of their homeworld, the code began to lose popularity. The Second Tevarin War was an attempt to reclaim Tevarin’s previous glory. When it failed miserably, the last believers of Rijora flung themselves toward Kaleeth, burning up in the atmosphere and crashing into the planet. The few survivors of the race abandoned their beliefs for good. This climactic period was known among the Tevarin as the Purge, during which time most of the Tevarin destroyed their Codices (the holy writ of Rijora).

In 2947 the Tevarin Preservation Society began to revive the practices of Rijora with the first Lioraj ceremony taking place in the Temple of Rijora in Gemma on Jalan (former Kaleeth) since the Purge of 2610. The ceremony was based upon Codices found on Kabal III by the society. This has stirred controversy within both Tervarin and Human society.


There is a justifiable sadness and anger through most of the Tevarin; a melancholy that their species is effectively dead. After their planet was lost, many Tevarin channeled their aggressive nature into addictions and violence. Tevarin mercenaries are noted for their ruthlessness and utter lack of fear. Gone are the honor-bound spiritual warriors of old; the killers are all that remain.

The average Tevarin finds little joy in life these days. When interacting with them, most Humans find them to be terse and cynical.



Currently the only known Tevarin ships are the Prowler and Talon. However, the Banu Defender claims to use Tevarin shields.




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