This article isn't about the "Terra system" as a whole, but rather about one planet named Terra. The formal name for the solar system that Terra sits in hasn't been described in the lore, yet.

Terra is considered a "super earth" due to its size and environmental similarities to Earth. In fact the planet was given the name Terra because of those naturally existing similarities, such as an oxygen-based atmosphere, indigenous vegetation, vast oceans, and temperate climates.

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The thing that Terra has, besides being bigger and nicer than Earth, it’s in a nexus of jump points. That star system has like ten different ways in and out, going to different star systems. It’s very connected in terms of communication and trade, whereas Earth itself is not.

–Chris Roberts[1]

[Terra is] much more focused on trade, because the neighbors of Terra on the eastern side are more advanced, they’re not necessarily so aggressive.

–Chris Roberts[1]

Terra is the center of operations for the UEE's Eastern Expansion Program[2] and a trade hub due to its five jump points. It is believed that a sixth one may exist.

The alien races that inhabit the Eastern sectors are generally friendlier than the aliens adjacent to the Western sectors.

Terra's star is called Terra Nova[3].

History[edit | edit source]

  • The Terra system's star was originally named 342A, and the planet Terra was named 342A.03M.
  • First explored in 2516 by Wei-Yin Song and his team during the Eastern Expansion Program.
  • During the planets initial exploration, "arranged" rocks were found in the deep southern region, but no subsequent intelligent life.[2]
  • The system was originally discovered to have four jump-points, and possible fifth one.
  • It was the twelfth system that the United Planets of Earth had colonized.

Miscellaneous info[edit | edit source]

  • Terra's capital is named Prime.[4]
  • Terra has a sataball team named the Terra Gryphons.[5]
  • Terra's sister planet Earth is beset by barbarian and alien races on the western borders of the galaxy that are looking to sack the empire.[6]

Cities[edit | edit source]

New Austin[edit | edit source]

New Austin, another initial colonization point, is as close as Terra comes to an industrial city. New Austin is a business park writ large, home to corporations like Origin Jumpworks and Cronus Devices. The cost of living in New Austin is lower, leading to more of a “blue collar” sensibility, but moneyed compared to other worlds. The centerpiece of the city is The Old Hall, a former Miner’s Guild meeting area now populated by factory owners, pilots, haulers and shippers.[7]

Prime[edit | edit source]


The capital city of Terra is Prime, a beautiful bayside megacity built on the foundations of two of the original colony ships. A stark contrast to Earth’s metropolises, everything in Prime was planned by the original settlers, leading to a much greater balance between nature and civilization than is found elsewhere in the Empire.

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Landing Zone

Unlike many cities, Prime’s primary landing zone is located away from the city to reduce pollution and air congestion. A monorail runs pilots to and from their hangars. Don’t let the relaxed atmosphere fool you, though: Prime has everything New York or Moscow does, from ship upgrade stores to black market opportunities. The city itself divides into two major regions: the sparkling Downtown and the lower class residential region known as The Block. Opportunities for visitors are available in both portions of the city.[7]

Quasi[edit | edit source]

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Terra’s second-largest city is Quasi, in the colder southern hemisphere. Quasi is built into the shadow of the massive ruins discovered early in Terra’s exploration. Quasi is considered more of a tourist destination than Prime, although several corporations operate in the region. Crusader Industries, best known for its facilities in Stanton system, operates the Platinum Bay landing facilities.[7]

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