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Generates an organization symbol thumbnail & optional name with it based on the input code.




Logo United Empire of Earth.png UEE

List of codes

Name Code Get
987 987 Logo 987.png 987
Abernathy Interiors ABI File:Logo Abernathy Interiors.png Abernathy Interiors
Ace Astrogation ACAS Logo Ace Astrogation.png Ace Astrogation
Accelerated Mass Design AMD Logo Accelerated Mass Design.png Accelerated Mass Design
Aegis Dynamics AEGS Logo Aegis Dynamics.png Aegis Dynamics
Aeroview Hangars AEHA Logo Aeroview Hangars.png Aeroview Hangars
Alejo Brothers ALB Logo Alejo Brothers.png Alejo Brothers
Alliance Startech ALST Logo Alliance Startech.png Alliance Startech
Amon & Reese Co. AMRS Logo Amon and Reese Co..png Amon & Reese Co.
Anvil Aerospace ANVL Logo Anvil Aerospace.png Anvil Aerospace
Aopoa AOPA Logo Aopoa.png Aopoa
Apocalypse Arms APAR Logo Apocalypse Arms.png Apocalypse Arms
ArcCorp (company) ARCO Logo ArcCorp.png ArcCorp
Argo Astronautics ARGO Logo Argo Astronautics.png Argo Astronautics
ArmaMod ARMA Logo ArmaMod.png ArmaMod
Arrow and Ross Weapon Systems ARWS File:Logo Arrow and Ross Weapon Systems.png Arrow and Ross Weapon Systems
Ascension Astro ASAS Logo Ascension Astro.png Ascension Astro
Associated Science and Development ASD Logo Associated Science and Development.png Associated Science and Development
Astro Armada ASAR File:Logo Astro Armada.png Astro Armada
Azure Sky Aero AZSA File:Logo Azure Sky Aero.png Azure Sky Aero
Banu BANU Logo Banu.png Banu
Banu Protectorate BANP Logo Banu.png Banu Protectorate
Basilisk BASL Logo Basilisk.png Basilisk
Beijing Reactor and Enrichment Company BREC Logo Beijing Reactor and Enrichment Company.png Beijing Reactor and Enrichment Company
Behring Applied Technology BEHR Logo Behring Applied Technology.png Behring Applied Technology
Bevic Group BEVI File:Logo Bevic Group.png Bevic Group
Blue Triangle Inc. BLTR File:Logo Blue Triangle Inc.png Blue Triangle Inc.
BiotiCorp BIOT Logo BiotiCorp.png BiotiCorp
Broad and Rabiee BRRA File:Logo Broad and Rabiee.png Broad and Rabiee
Caldera CLDA File:Logo Caldera.png Caldera
Casse Aerospace CAAE Logo Casse Aerospace.png Casse Aerospace
Casaba Outlet CAOU Logo Casaba Outlet.png Casaba Outlet
CC's Conversions CCC File:Logo CCs Conversions.png CC's Conversions
Cousin Crows Custom Craft CCCC Logo Cousin Crows Custom Craft.png Cousin Crows Custom Craft
CenterMass CEMA Logo CenterMass.png CenterMass
Chimera Communications CHCO Logo Chimera Communications.png Chimera Communications
City Lights CTL Logo City Lights.png City Lights
Clark Defense Systems CLDS Logo Clark Defense Systems.png Clark Defense Systems
Clarkson Energies CLKS Logo Clarkson Energies.png Clarkson Energies
Consolidated Outland CNOU Logo Consolidated Outland.png Consolidated Outland
Covalex Shipping COVA Logo Covalex Shipping.png Covalex Shipping
Crusader Industries CRSD Logo Crusader Industries.png Crusader Industries
Cubby Blast CUBL Logo Cubby Blast.png Cubby Blast
CureLife CRLF Logo CureLife.png CureLife
Derion DRN Logo Derion.png Derion
DMC DMC File:Logo DMC.png DMC
Dragon Stellar DSTC File:Logo Dragon Stellar.png Dragon Stellar
Drake Interplanetary DRAK Logo Drake Interplanetary.png Drake Interplanetary
Dumper's Depot DUMP Logo Dumper's Depot.png Dumper's Depot
Doomsday DOOM Logo Doomsday.png Doomsday
Eclipse Mutual ECMJ Logo Eclipse Mutual.png Eclipse Mutual
Electronic Access ETA Logo Electronic Access.png Electronic Access
Erol Future Tech EROL File:Logo Erol Future Tech.png Erol Future Tech
Escar Limited ELD Logo Escar Limited.png Escar Limited
Esperia ESRA Logo Esperia.png Esperia
EZ Hab EZHA Logo EZ Hab.png EZ Hab
Fair Chance Act FCA Logo Fair Chance Act.png Fair Chance Act
Farnes Media Partners FAMP File:Logo Farnes Media Partners.png Farnes Media Partners
Fiore FIO Logo Fiore.png Fiore
Firestorm Kinetics FSKI Logo Firestorm Kinetics.png Firestorm Kinetics
Flashfire Systems FLSY Logo Flashfire Systems.png Flashfire Systems
FoveaInc FOVE File:Logo FoveaInc.png FoveaInc
Friskers Semiconductor FRSM Logo Friskers Semiconductor.png Friskers Semiconductor
FTL Courier Service FTL Logo FTL Courier Service.png FTL Courier Service
Fuel Pump FUPU File:Logo Fuel Pump.png Fuel Pump
Gatac Manufacture GAMA Logo Gatac Manufacture.png Gatac Manufacture
Gallenson Tactical Systems GATS Logo Gallenson Tactical Systems.png Gallenson Tactical Systems
Gemini GMNI Logo Gemini.png Gemini
Genly Engineering Solutions GGES File:Logo Genly Engineering Solutions.png Genly Engineering Solutions
Gold Horizon GOHO Logo Gold Horizon.png Gold Horizon
Golem-Tek GOTE File:Logo Golem-Tek.png Golem-Tek
Gorgon Defender Industries GODI Logo Gorgon Defender Industries.png Gorgon Defender Industries
Greycat Industrial GRIN Logo Greycat Industrial.png Greycat Industrial
Grindstone Boots GSB File:Logo Grindstone Boots.png Grindstone Boots
Groupe Nouveau Paradigme GRNP Logo Groupe Nouveau Paradigme.png Groupe Nouveau Paradigme
GSN Spectrum Broadcasting GSN File:Logo GSN Spectrum Broadcasting.png GSN Spectrum Broadcasting
Hadesian HADS File:Logo Hadesian.png Hadesian
Hardin Tactical HDTC File:Logo Hardin Tactical.png Hardin Tactical
Hammer Propulsion HAPR Logo Hammer Propulsion.png Hammer Propulsion
Hardpoint Guys HAGU File:Logo Hardpoint Guys.png Hardpoint Guys
Hathor Group HAGR File:Logo Hathor Group.png Hathor Group
Hawksworth's HWK File:Logo Hawksworth's.png Hawksworth's
Hedeby Gunworks HDGW Logo Hedeby Gunworks.png Hedeby Gunworks
Hydra Propulsion HYPR File:Logo Hydra Propulsion.png Hydra Propulsion
Human HUMA Logo Human.png Human
Hurston Dynamics HUDY Logo Hurston Dynamics.png Hurston Dynamics
Imperial Cartography Center ICC Logo Imperial Cartography Center.png Imperial Cartography Center
In development IND Logo In development.png In development
InterDimension Software INSO File:Logo InterDimension Software.png InterDimension Software
Iolo Industries IOLN File:Logo Iolo Industries.png Iolo Industries
J-Span JPAN Logo J-Span.png J-Span
Joker Engineering JOKR Logo Joker Engineering.png Joker Engineering
Juno Starwerk JUST Logo Juno Starwerk.png Juno Starwerk
Kastak Arms KSAR Logo Kastak Arms.png Kastak Arms
KDK KDK File:Logo KDK.png KDK
Kel-To Constores KELT File:Logo Kel-To Constores.png Kel-To Constores
Klaus and Werner KLWE Logo Klaus and Werner.png Klaus and Werner
KnightBridge Arms KBAR Logo KnightBridge Arms.png KnightBridge Arms
KP KP1 File:Logo KP.png KP
Kr’Thak KRT Kr’Thak
Kroneg KRON Logo Kroneg.png Kroneg
Kruger Intergalactic KRIG Logo Kruger Intergalactic.png Kruger Intergalactic
Lortell Computing LOCO File:Logo Lortell Computing.png Lortell Computing
Lightning Bolt Co. LBOC Logo Lightning Bolt Co..png Lightning Bolt Co.
Lightning Power Ltd. LPLT Logo Lightning Power Ltd..png Lightning Power Ltd.
Maiden Group MAID File:Logo Maiden Group.png Maiden Group
MaxOx MXOX Logo MaxOx.png MaxOx
MicroTech (company) MITE Logo MicroTech (company).png MicroTech
Murray Cup Racing League MCRL Logo Murray Cup Racing League.png Murray Cup Racing League
Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern MISC Logo Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern.png Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern
MuyMuy MUMU Logo MuyMuy.png MuyMuy
Nav-E7 Gadgets NAV7 File:Logo Nav-E7 Gadgets.png Nav-E7 Gadgets
Nova Pyrotechnica NOVP Logo Nova Pyrotechnica.png Nova Pyrotechnica
NorthStar NRS Logo NorthStar.png NorthStar
Omega Pro OMEG File:Logo Omega Pro.png Omega Pro
OpalSky OPS Logo OpalSky.png OpalSky
Origin Jumpworks ORIG Logo Origin Jumpworks GmbH.png Origin Jumpworks
Original Systems ORSY File:Logo Original Systems.png Original Systems
Phalanx PHLX File:Logo Phalanx.png Phalanx
Preacher Armaments PRAR Logo Preacher Armaments.png Preacher Armaments
ProtLife PRLI File:Logo ProtLife.png ProtLife
Pyrotechnic Amalgamated PYRA File:Logo Pyrotechnic Amalgamated.png Pyrotechnic Amalgamated
Quirinus Tech QRT File:Logo Quirinus Tech.png Quirinus Tech
R6-Pro R6P Logo R6-Pro.png R6-Pro
Radegast RDGT File:Logo Radegast.png Radegast
RAMP RAMP File:Logo RAMP Corporation.png RAMP Corporation
Rambler RMB File:Logo Rambler.png Rambler
Rayari Inc RAI Logo Rayari Inc.png Rayari Inc
Revel and York RVYK Logo Revel and York.png Revel and York
Roberts Space Industries RSI Logo Roberts Space Industries.png Roberts Space Industries
Roussimoff Rehabilitation Systems RRS Logo Roussimoff Rehabilitation Systems.png Roussimoff Rehabilitation Systems
Saga Datasystems SADA Logo Saga Datasystems.png Saga Datasystems
Sakura Sun SASU Logo Sakura Sun.png Sakura Sun
Stegman's STG File:Logo Stegmans.png Stegman's
Seal Corporation SECO Logo Seal Corporation.png Seal Corporation
Self-Land SELA Logo Self-Land.png Self-Land
Shubin Interstellar SHIN Logo Shubin Interstellar.png Shubin Interstellar
Springfield Arms SPAR File:Logo Springfield Arms.png Springfield Arms
Spar Van Miles SPV File:Logo Spar Van Miles.png Spar Van Miles
Stor*All STOR Logo Stor-All.png Stor*All
Takuetsu Starships TAKU File:Logo Takuetsu Starships.png Takuetsu Starships
Talisman TALI File:Logo Talisman.png Talisman
Talon Weapon Systems TALN Logo Talon Weapon Systems.png Talon Weapon Systems
Tarsus Electronics TARS Logo Tarsus Electronics.png Tarsus Electronics
Terra Mills TEMI File:Logo Terra Mills.png Terra Mills
Tevarin TEVA File:Logo Tevarin.png Tevarin
Tehachapi THPI Logo Tehachapi.png Tehachapi
The Ark TARK File:Logo The Ark.png The Ark
Thermyte Concern THCN Logo Thermyte Concern.png Thermyte Concern
Torral Aggregate TOAT File:Logo Torral Aggregate.png Torral Aggregate
Torreele FoodStuffs TOFO File:Logo Torreele FoodStuffs.png Torreele FoodStuffs
Trident Attack Systems TRAS Logo Trident Attack Systems.png Trident Attack Systems
Tumbril Land Systems TMBL Logo Tumbril Land Systems.png Tumbril Land Systems
Tyler Design and Tech TYDT Logo Tyler Design and Tech.png Tyler Design and Tech
UltiFlex ULFX Logo UltiFlex.png UltiFlex
Unclaimed UNC Logo Unclaimed.png Unclaimed
United Empire of Earth UEE Logo United Empire of Earth.png UEE
United Empire of Earth Army UEEA Logo United Empire of Earth Army.png UEE Army
United Empire of Earth Marines UEEM Logo United Empire of Earth Marines.png UEE Marines
United Empire of Earth Navy UEEN Logo United Empire of Earth Navy.png UEE Navy
Upsiders UPS Logo Upsiders.png Upsiders
Vanduul VAND Logo Vanduul.png Vanduul
Vanduul Clans VNCL Logo Vanduul Clans.png Vanduul Clans
VFG Industrial VFG File:Logo VFG Industrial.png VFG Industrial
Virgil Ltd VGLT Logo Virgil Ltd.png Virgil Ltd
Verified Offworld Laser Technologies VOLT File:Logo VOLT.png Verified Offworld Laser Technologies
Voyager Direct VOYA Logo Voyager Direct.png Voyager Direct
Wen/Cassel Propulsion WECA Logo Wen-Cassel Propulsion.png Wen/Cassel Propulsion
Wei-Tek WETK Logo Wei-Tek.png Wei-Tek
Wilkes and Federman W&F File:Logo Wilkes and Federman.png Wilkes and Federman
WillsOp Systems WLOP Logo WillsOp Systems.png WillsOp Systems
X-Forge XFRG File:Logo X-Forge.png X-Forge
Xi'an XIA Logo Xi'an.png Xi'an
Xi'an Empire XIAEM Logo Xi'an Empire.png Xi'an Empire
Yorm YORM Logo Yorm.png Yorm