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Taranis system is a unclaimed star system consisting of a white dwarf in its center and four planets in its orbit. In the system are also four jump points and two asteroid belts. Terraforming efforts on Taranis II failed catastrophically, resulting in a uninhabitable planet and destroying its moon in the process. The remains of this moon are now a asteroid field and is best known as Broken Moon.

Taranis is also the system where the Broken Moon scenario in Arena Commander takes place.[1]

Taranis is an unclaimed system best known for two dense asteroid belts that must be passed through when traveling between jump points. Besides the asteroids belt providing plenty of cover for pirates and criminals to hide, the Taranis System is probably best known for its broken moon above Taranis II, which inspired the "Broken Moon of Taranis" map in the game Arena Commander.

–ARK Starmap




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Taranis I

Taranis II

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Taranis Belt Alpha

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Taranis 2a Debris

Remains of the destroyed moon of Taranis II's failed terraforming attempt.

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