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The Tanga system is a star system with a single white dwarf that has two planets orbiting it, but well outside the green band. And near the orbit of Tanga I are two jump points located.[1]

The main-sequence star at the system's center has entered into a white dwarf phase. With Tanga's two planets located on the outer edges of the system, scientists belive its inner planets were destroyed when the star expanded. Miners have found a variety of precious and heavy metals in its asteroid belt and believe the resources to be the remnants of Tanga's inner planets. The star has ejected its outer layers and formed a picturesque planetary nebula, which draws some sightseers to the system.

–ARK Starmap




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Tanga I

A former gas giant that scientists believe has lost its atmosphere when Tanga's star turned into a red giant. The remaining core is classified as a chthonian planet and is rich in heavy minerals.

Tanga II

A planet subliming due to the systems high temperature. As a result, a trail of gases follows Tanga II around in orbit

Stellar objects

Tanga Belt Alpha

Space stations

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