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Esperia Talon - concept art (2).jpg

The Talons are small, very agile, 1-person fighters, available either in the Fighter or the Bomber variant. A unique feature of the Talon is the detachable pilot canopy, serving as a escape pod.



Talon - exterior (1).png

The Talon has two size 4 weapon hardpoints and two size 3 missile racks.

Talon Shrike[]

Talon Shrike - exterior (1).png

The Talon Shrike is the bomber variant and has two size 2 weapon hardpoints and two bespoke missile racks that each hold twelve size 3 missiles.

Comparision table[]

Talon Talon Shrike
Length 20.0 m 20.0 m
Beam 18.0 m 18.0 m
Heigth 5.0 m 5.0 m
Weigth 28,000 kg 28,000 kg
Role Light Fighter Light Fighter
Cargo 0 SCU 0 SCU
Avionics Qty x Model Size Qty x Model Size
Radars 1x TBA  S  S 1x TBA  S  S
Computers 1x TBA  S  S 1x TBA  S  S
Power Plants 1x Regulus  S  1 1x Regulus  S  1
Coolers 2x Bracer  S  1 2x Bracer  S  1
Shield Generators 2x AllStop  S  1 2x AllStop  S  1
Propulsion and thrusters Qty x Model Size Qty x Model Size
Fuel Intake 2x TBA  S  S 2x TBA  S  S
Fuel Tanks 1x TBA  S  S 1x TBA  S  S
Quantum Drives 1x Beacon  S  1 1x Beacon  S  1
Jump Modules 1x TBA  S  S 1x TBA  S  S
Quantum Fuel Tanks 1x TBA  S  S 1x TBA  S  S
Main Thrusters 4x Main Thrusters
2x Retro Thruster
4x Main Thrusters
2x Retro Thruster
Maneuvering Thrusters 12x Fixed Maneuvering Thruster 12x Fixed Maneuvering Thruster
Armaments and equipment Qty x Model Size Qty x Model Size
Weapons 2x Lightstrike III Cannon  S  3 GB 2x Lightstrike I Cannon  S  1 GB
Turrets None None
Missiles 4x Tempest II  S  2 24x Arrester III  S  3
Utility None None
GB Installed on a weapon gimbal.





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