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The Project Archangel Initiative, better known as Synthworld, is a terraforming project created by the United Empire of Earth to "build a [life-supporting] planet from scratch"[1] in the Chronos system.

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History[edit | edit source]

The year 2460 began a trend of the Earth's inhabitants relocating off-world due to overcrowding. Exploration and terraforming since the discovery of jump points had created vast amounts of land and territory for humanity to move to. By 2523, 70% of humans were living off-world. Expansion and colonization continued and even escalated with the creation of the UEE.

The colonization goals of the UEE eventually lead to displacement of native species, which ultimately lead to the Second Tevarin War. This policy of careless expansionism came to an end with the Massacre of Garron II and the overthrow of the current UEE administration.

The new Imperator Erin Toi promised an "age of enlightenment and social consciousness" as a response to the sins of the past administration. The Fair Chance Act was soon after signed into law, which forbade terraforming on any planet with a developing species.

Construction began in the Chronos System in 2872. The project was considered a massive undertaking and was estimated to take decades or even centuries to complete.[1]

As of 2920, almost fifty years in, the project remained incomplete and was a huge drain on the UEE economy.[2] This was a continued point of tension between the people of Earth and Terra and even became a central issue of the Imperator campaign of 2928.[3]

As of 2942 there have been no further milestones in the project.

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