Star Marine is a round based, multiplayer, infantry combat game mode in Star Citizen.[1] It features three different maps and the two game modes, Elimination - a free for all deathmatch, and Last Stand - two teams have to fight, capture and hold control points to score for their team.[2] Players can earn REC which is used for loadout (weapons and armor) customization.

Star Marine was first introduced as the FPS Module at the 2014 PAX Australia FPS demo.[3]

Game modes[edit | edit source]

Elimination[edit | edit source]

Fight for your life in this free-for-all, where every kill brings you one point closer to victory.

Last Stand[edit | edit source]

Battle for dominance as you and your team fight to hold the Control Points before time runs out.

Maps[edit | edit source]

Echo Eleven[edit | edit source]

A former extraction facility, Echo Eleven was abandoned when the Hathor Group left the Nexus system and has since become a vile den of squatters and outlaws.

OP Station Demien[edit | edit source]

Originally built by Hathor Group for the workers attempting to terraform NExus II, OP Station Demien has earned a much darker reputation as the site of the infamous Walzer Massacre of 2935

The Good Doctor[edit | edit source]

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