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Star Marine is a round based, multiplayer, infantry combat game mode in Star Citizen.[1] It features three different maps and the two game modes, Elimination - a free for all deathmatch, and Last Stand - two teams have to fight, capture and hold control points to score for their team.[2] Players can earn REC which is used for loadout customization. This customization does not carry over to the Persistent Universe

Star Marine was first introduced as the FPS Module at the 2014 PAX Australia FPS demo.[3]

Game modes


Fight for your life in this free-for-all, where every kill brings you one point closer to victory.

Last Stand

Battle for dominance as you and your team fight to hold the Control Points before time runs out.


Echo Eleven

A former extraction facility, Echo Eleven was abandoned when the Hathor Group left the Nexus system and has since become a vile den of squatters and outlaws.

OP Station Demien

Originally built by Hathor Group for the workers attempting to terraform NExus II, OP Station Demien has earned a much darker reputation as the site of the infamous Walzer Massacre of 2935

The Good Doctor

Loadout configuration





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