Spotlight: Railen
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Railen is the name of the first Xi'an made ship that will make its way to the PU at some time in the future. It is a cargo ship with a capacity of 320 SCU, the cargo is stored inside of a array of multiple cargo pods and it is designed to be operated by a Human and Xi'an crew.
It has 3 decks, two manned turrets, twenty missiles and a grav-lev elevator.
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Star Citizen is an in-development futuristic first person space combat and trading sim set in the 30th century. The game is a highly ambitious project with the aim of featuring more then 100, fully explorable, individual, star systems complete with planets, moons, space stations and other stellar objects. All star systems can also be explored on the ARK Starmap, a three dimensional map with all star systems. The developers behind the game, Cloud Imperium Games, are developing ground breaking technologies to create a highly immersive game universe, known as the Persistent Universe.

Currently the Persistent Universe consists of the Stanton system, which is made up of 4 planets of which 3 planets can be fully explored. Over 100 extremely detailed, life size ships, allowing to pursue a variety of professions like bounty hunting, mining, cargo hauling and of course, engage in space combat. Feature updates are released in quarterly patches that expand the scope of the Persistent Universe.

Squadron 42 is a single player game, set in the Star Citizen Universe, that is being developed at the same time. It will feature the adventures of a pilot in a multi-chapter campaign.

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