Readers must be able to check that Star Citizen Wiki articles are not just made up. This means that all quotations and any material challenged or likely to be challenged must be attributed to a reliable, published source using an inline citation.[1]

Verifiable information is vital

Every piece of information on this wiki should be verifiable. Seeing where the information has come from enables our readers to check whether it comes from a reliable source or not. It also enables them to correct eventual errors, clear up some discrepancies, like when different sources have contradictory information about one thing, etc. Every reader of this wiki should feel encouraged to check the correctness of information, and check whether for every important bit of it a source is given.

Correct and verifiable content is what will make this wiki a reliable and authoritative source of information for Star Citizen in the long run. That's exactly what we are aiming for.

What can you do?

As you browse through the articles, feel free to add {{fact}} to the information which have no apparent source. You can go one step further and try to find the source of information where you see this superscript: [source?]. If you see any information you doubt, look up the source for it in the references section and check whether it is correct.

How to add references

Every page with important data should have a References section. In the source code it looks like this:


In the article itself, references to the source of information are enclosed in the ref tag, for example:

Ships with life time insurance can be 
traded<ref>[ Star Citizen FAQ]</ref>.

In the text itself, the reference will appear like this: Ships with life time insurance can be traded[2].

Since the webpage is referred to very often, This wiki uses a template for these references. Using a template, it takes less effort to write and it adds a fancy RSI icon to it in the list of references. Check it out. If you alter the above source code to use the RSI reference template, it will look like this:

Ships with life time insurance can be 
traded<ref>{{RSI|url=star-citizen-faq/|text=Star Citizen FAQ}}</ref>.

The actual text will look the same in the wiki article, but will have a fancy icon in the reference list: Ships with life time insurance can be traded[3].

There is also a short template for comm-link references, The RSIID Template.


{{RSI|url=comm-link/spectrum-dispatch/13218-News-Update-This-Day-In-History/|text=News Update: This Day in History}}

can be cut down to:


Credits are also called ‘Imperials’.[4]


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