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Our Mission[]

Our mission is to create and maintain the world's most comprehensive, informative, accurate, reliable, and credible encyclopedic database about Cloud Imperium Games's video game Star Citizen.

About Star Citizen Wiki[]

Star Citizen Wiki is a free-for-all-users fan website maintained and administered solely and entirely by volunteer fans who receive no compensation, monetary or otherwise, for contributing to, maintaining, or administering Star Citizen Wiki. Star Citizen Wiki is not owned, affiliated with, or endorsed by Cloud Imperium Games Corporation ("CIG"), nor any parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, or contractors thereof. Any information posted on or uploaded to Star Citizen Wiki by any employee, contractor, consultant, or affiliate of CIG reflects the views and decisions of that individual alone and not the views or decisions of CIG.

Anyone is able to edit this wiki and its information, and all visitors are openly invited to help build the best source of Star Citizen information by correcting mistakes, updating articles, or adding information. So whether you're new to the Star Citizen universe or a fully fledged veteran, this website is the perfect place for you to learn more, connect and communicate with fellow Star Citizen fans, or even share information that we don't have!

Important Links[]

Thanks for your interest in Star Citizen Wiki! For first-time visitors or even veteran editors, here are the articles that we think are most important to read as you're getting started!

Final Reminders[]

Star Citizen Wiki is open to all, from administrators to Fandom veteran users to anonymous visitors. However, this wiki must comply with externally enforced regulations such as U.S. laws; as such, users must be a minimum of 13 years old in order to ensure the safety of minors on the internet and to avoid noncompliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Unfortunately, those who do not comply with this policy are at risk of being blocked from the site.

As with any online collaborative project, this wiki is at risk of inconsistency, lack of readability, vandalism, spam, and other problems that may impede our mission. We therefore ask all those who take part in building this wiki to read our manual of style and other policies in order to ensure consistency throughout our articles, and to prevent the risk of disciplinary action over a simple mistake. Remember, it is your responsibility to read and follow our policies in order to avoid being subject to punishment under our responsibilities to protect this wiki's integrity. So please do not hesitate to ask an administrator if you have any questions!