Networking Your Galaxy

Main Operations Transit,Logistics,Support,Security <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt='2418388'/></a>
Population 1146
Politics Laid back, Helpful, Family Friendly
VOIP Discord
Main Operations Casual players to hardcore PvPers are welcome!
Population 1146 members
Politics Laid back. Fun, friendly, helpful
VOIP Discord

1st Alpha Quadrant
Semper Amici

Main Operations Casual players to hardcore PvPers are welcome! 1aq
Population In STO -- Nearly 1000 members
Politics Laid back. Fun, friendly, helpful - Family friendly
VOIP TeamSpeak3

7th Regiment
The Banished

Main Operations All guilds that are PRO establishment and big space money profiting will be our targets
Population looking for 100+
VOIP TeamSpeak3

77 Republic
Join today, Explore Tomorrow

Main Operations Security, Merchant, Exploration, Mining, Salvage 77R-Logo
Population apx 150
Politics all non-piracy players welcome
VOIP Teamspeak 3

77th Star Empire
Were here to Help!

Main Operations security Defense,Industry specilization,freelancing, anti piracy,exploration
77THstarempire logo
Population 1200 + member guild 50+ member community
Politics freelancing, Security
VOIP Teamspeak 3

127th Angry Angels

Main Operations Fuel distribution, Repair services
127th Angry Angels
Population N/A
Politics N/A
VOIP Teamspeak3

Defend the heavens with the 907th. Alaskan gamers unite!

Main Operations PMC and regional command operations 907th Big Dipper Hex Blue Back
Population 49+
Politics Democratic/Militaristic
VOIP Discord

9th Security Group
The Police Force Of Star Citizen

Main Operations Combat Ops, Marine Corps, Security, Bounty Hunters, Resources 9th-Logo primary
Population 150 +
Politics Military Structure
VOIP Teamspeak

221th S. F. S. The Angriest of Angels
Greater love has no man than this, that a man gives up his life for his friends. ( John 15:13)

Main Operations Special operation, Security, Bounty Hunters Icon logo
Population SFS / MC
Politics Military Structure
VOIP Teamspeak3/Skype

Home of Democracy and Freedom in Star Citizen.

Main Operations Anything and Everything Legal in the UEE. Aces
Population 500+ International Members(260+ active), All Dedicated to Star Citizen
Politics Democratic
VOIP Teamspeak

Aces of the Deep Space
One for all, all for one.

Main Operations Everything which is in line with the UEE. AOTDS Logo Final2 klein120x120
Population 30+ Zur Anmeldung hier lang !
Politics Democratic ( german guild )
VOIP Teamspeak

Adult, multi-gaming guild

Main Operations PvP // Piracy, Smuggling, Trading Aeossquare-120px
Population 20-30
Politics Laissez-Faire (Hands off!)
VOIP Mumble

AeroSpace International (AeSpInt)

Main Operations Manufacture & Production. Loogo
Population 4 Corporate Leaders
Politics Right Hand Capitalists.

Ålchemical Inquisition, The
Argentum Album

Main Operations Bounty Hunting, Freelance ALCHEMICAL-Logo
Population <10
Politics Core group formed in other game, Friendly and often comical.
VOIP Teamspeak

Aldar Ordinance Enterprises
Founded 2893

Main Operations Mining/Trade/Delivery Services AOE Thumbnail
Population ~10 Currently recruiting leadership and support members
Politics Corporate - Economic Benifit Focus
VOIP Mumble Ventrilo

Alliance Interstellaire Francophone (AIF)

Main Operations Bounty hunting, Trading, Co-op Alliance Interstellaire Francophone
Population 17
Politics N/A

Alliance Stellaire Astrienne (ASA)

Main Operations A définir (To be defined)

Alliance Stellaire Astrienne

Population En recrutement (Actively Recruiting)
Politics Ethique, en accord avec notre constitution (Ethical, in accordance with our constitution)
VOIP Mumble

Allied Commanders Council (ACC)
Rari Nantes In Gurgite Vasto

Main Operations Black Ops, Combat, Trade, Science, Pirating 179px-ACC
Population 33
Politics Constitutional Republic
VOIP Ventrillo

Altama Energy Corporation
To summarize what we do, we provide the ingredients to manufacture faster, cleaner, quieter and safer.

Main Operations Mining, Salvaging, Cargo, Science Logo-A-white
Population TBD - We're hiring!
Politics LLC (Private Corporation)
VOIP Discord

Women who seek to be equal to men lack ambition.

Main Operations Piracy, Smuggling, Goods Aquisitions, Protection Services, PVP Wikia zps35bad141
Population 30+
Politics Matriarchy
VOIP Mumble

Apex Continuum!
Semper Excelsius!

Main Operations Trade-Security-Mining-Exploring-Salvage
Main 001

Apex Continuum "Semper Excelsius!"

Population 40+
Politics Star Citizen Only! Adults please/Mature players
VOIP Teamspeak3

Arbiter Legion
Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning

Main Operations Explorers and Justicars Alsmall
Population ~40
Politics Meritocracy
VOIP Teamspeak3, Mumble

Arc Security
Presicion - Effeciency!

Main Operations Military/Security,Freelancing/Mercenary, Logistics (refueling, mining), Exploration, Order Defense, Convoy Blue-blackshadow
Population 56
Politics coming soon
VOIP Teamspeak 3

ARMD Corp (Oceanic)
Honour, Bravery, Unity

Main Operations Military, Security, Bounty Hunting, Trading, Exploration, Escort, Mining ARMD Logog
Population 90 Registered, 200+ Community
Politics Militaristic/Meritocracy

Asgard Consortium
For Nordmenn flest

Main Operations For alle som vil. Hver stemme er like mye hvert Logo agc
Population 100+ (Norwegian Guild)
Politics Folketinget
VOIP Teamspeak 3

Artemis Inveni
An Exploration Event

Main Operations Find the lost colony ship Artemis Artemis-logo
Population apx 100
Politics All are welcome
VOIP Teamspeak3

Harden Up, Princess!

Main Operations Military, Security, Bounty Hunting, Trading, Exploration, Freelance, Escort, Mining Ausmonauts v2
Population 350+
Politics Democracy
VOIP TeamSpeak 3

Avatar Dynasty
Usque Ad Ultimum Spiritum

Main Operations Mercenery, Economics, Counter-Terrorism 1504120732 128
Population max 100
Politics Guild has been in operation for the past 15 years in everything wvw/rvr/pvp related including EvE, Planetside, WO, POTBS, GW2 and more. Corporation style leadership.

Axiom Inc.
Where Teamwork Meets Gaming

Main Operations Parent Org, 3 fleets: Imperial, Civilian, Raiders AxiomInc
Population Unpublished
Politics Different for each fleet.
VOIP Teamspeak

Bad Company
Until the day I die

Main Operations
Population 5-10 (100 max)
Politics None
VOIP Teamspeak 3

Bad Neighbor
Guilde Star citizen : Bad Neighbor

Main Operations piratery, bounty hunter, sabotage (Emblem 120x120)
Population 50 +
Politics Agressive defense

Bad Wolf Corporation
Dissolve Your Illusions and See the True Nature of Things

Main Operations Players Choice
Population 15+ Still Recruiting
Politics Corporation
VOIP Teamspeak/Mummble

Bad Wolves
"If we ain't having fun, we ain't doing it right!"

Main Operations Bounty hunting, escorts, scouting, smuggling, salvaging, trading Bad Wolves
Population 41+ Personnel and growing
Politics always looking for more veteran leadership or eager new bloods
VOIP Teamspeak

Ballistic Logistics
Kinetic solutions made simple.

Main Operations Military, Security, Bounty Hunting, Trading, Exploration, Freelance, Escort, Mining Logo2-BALO-small
Population 60+
Politics Democratic Oligarchy
VOIP TeamSpeak3

Better Red Than Dead
Have Fun and Get Shit Done

Main Operations Military, Security, Industrial BRTD-Logo
Population 60+
Politics A Private Military Company for hire with Industrial ties
VOIP Discord - Join as a Guest:

Black Star Initiative
The Way Forward

Main Operations Military & Security Operations BSILogo
Population 82 +
Politics PMC
VOIP Teamspeak 3

The Black Company (THEBLACKCO)
We go where the money goes. Need a job done? Got the cash? We’re in.

Main Operations Exploration, Security, Smuggling, Trading, Piracy, Bounty Hunting, Escort, Logistics, Empire Building
Population Unknown. Don't Ask, Dont Tell.
Politics Brotherhood
VOIP TeamSpeak 3, Ventrillo

Black Hand Syndicate
God help the bastards when we come for them...

Main Operations Piracy, Smuggling, Trading, Mercs for Hire Blackhand
Population 10-20 (always looking to grow)
Politics Piratic Community
VOIP Teamspeak3

Fleet based operations

Main Operations MilSim, Military & Security operations BLKWATCH-Logo
Population 45-50
Politics UEE aligned, anti-pirate

Black Widow Company (BWC)
One Team, One Fight!

Main Operations Military, Defense, Exploration, Mining, Trade, Escort Black widow company
Population 350+
Politics Military Structure
VOIP Teamspeak3

The Blazing Aces
Do Whatever Is Needed To Win

Main Operations General Mercenary Unit, Offensive/Defensive Operations, Escort Duty, Bounty/Pirate Hunting, Exploration
Population 15+ alpha pilots for SC, 50+ active players in unit (mostly MWO)
Politics Mercenary / Military

Blazing Wings
Be Free. Get Money

Main Operations Transport, Exploration, Bounty Hunting
Star Citizen Guild badge 2
Population 5-6 members (not open for recruitment)
Politics May Vary
VOIP Skype

Bloodshire Mercenaries
Always Honor the contract

Main Operations Diverse Mercenery
Population N/a
Politics Sub-community
VOIP TS3 Listed on Forums

There is no kill like overkill

Main Operations Nomadic fleet travel, opportunism in all aspects of economy manipulation. All lifestyles except lawful good bounty hunting and/or aiding police are supported. Chaotic neutral. ForwikiBP
Population 50-180 depending on old members picking up SC.
Politics Flying circus. Socialist within, capitalist without.

Brown Coats
You can't take the sky from me :: 你不可夺我天

Main Operations Bounty Hunting, Trading, Freelancing, Exploration, Smuggling (with certain restrictions) BrownCoats FreedomFighter Final
Population 830+
Politics Collective
VOIP Teamspeak 3, Mumble

For Glory, Honour & Capella!

Main Operations Military escort, Security, Merchant Fleet XfcgkR
Population 150+
Politics Stratocracy
VOIP Teamspeak 3

Cataclysmic Coalition
Together we Thrive

Main Operations Freelancing, Security, General Trading, Smuggling, Exploring CATACLYSM logo
Population 14+ -Currently recruiting 16+ mature members-
Politics PMC, Officer Council
VOIP Gamevox

Carrier Strike Group 3

Main Operations Bounty Hunting, Diplomacy, Exploration, Mercenary, Logistics, Military, Security, Role playing (UEE), Trade, Adult. Carrier Strike Group Three Crest2
Population 75+
Politics Military Structure
VOIP Teamspeak3

Chimera Assets and Security Holdings [CASH]
"Alarmingly Enterprising"

Main Operations Trading, Shipping, Mining, Banking, Private Security
Population 179, Open Recruiting
Politics CEO and Board of Directors
VOIP Discord

Cavallers del Cel
Comunitat Catalana de Simulació

Main Operations Security, Freelancing 120px
Population 30
Politics Military structure
VOIP TeamSpeak 3

CIA Gaming - Central Intraspace Astronautics
"Join to define youself; Stay to define our future"

Main Operations Freelancing - Trading - Engineering - Military Operations - Luxury Cruising Logo
Population 5+, Open Recruiting
Politics Corporate - Open membership to all citizens in good standing.
VOIP TeamSpeak 3 |

"Del fin del mundo al fin del Universo"

Main Operations Exploracion - Politica y Negocios - Asuntos Alienigenas - Operaciones Militares Logo cic
Population 20+
Politics Democracia
VOIP Razer Comms

Citizens' Aid Society
Like a co-op AAA Motor Club in space...but with weapons

Main Operations Service and Support - Rescue/Recovery, Escort, Convoys, Expeditions, Brokering Contracts, Mediating Disputes CAS Orbit Logo White
Population 20+
Politics Corporate - Membership open to all citizens and guilds/squadrons/corporations with no broken contracts or criminal activity
VOIP TeamSpeak 3

Clan Aegir
Everything comes at a price

Main Operations Bounty hunting, smuggling, mercenary activy Aegirpetit
Population 20+
Politics Military
VOIP Teamspeak

Clan Magnus Legio
Insert Epic Motto

Main Operations Military, Defense, Exploration, Trading, Mining, Escort CML Logo small
Population 50+
Politics Militaristic - Hierarchy
VOIP TeamSpeak 3

Clan Norax
El único día fácil fue ayer

Main Operations Logística,Combate, Industria Norax TRANSPARENTE
Population 15+
Politics Neutral

Corporation des Unifiés
[FR] Guilde Star Citizen Française : Corporation des unifiés

Main Operations Explorations, exploitations, commerces, escortes et secoures. Logo120
Population 6 (FR)
Politics Plein pouvoir a Syal,aucune connaissance et beaucoup de fanfaronnade
VOIP Mumble

Corporation E.L.I.T.E

Main Operations Military, Trading, Exploration Corporation elite
Population 50+
Politics Community

Cosmic Ventures
Action, Not Words

Main Operations A Symbiotic Conglomeration that, through the mastery of science and technology and while utilizing every facet of commercial pursuit, we will constantly improve what is essential to human progress. And so, while enjoying absurd profit margins we will pierce the veil of man’s knowledge, and what we learn and create there will benefit all.
Population 70+
Politics Obey and exploit UEE laws as needed, to maximize profit.
VOIP Teamspeak 3

Cossack Legion: Private Military Corps
Third world solutions, for First World problems

Main Operations Primary: Mercenary Contracting

Secondary: Bounty Hunting; Industrial; Commerce

Population 20+
Politics Paramilitary
VOIP Mumble: Online

Teamspeak: Offline

DarkStar Squadron
pacem per praevalentiam
Main Operations:Bounty Hunting, Diplomacy, Exploration,Freelancing, Mercenary, Logistics, Military, Security, Privateering, Roleplaying, Smuggling and TradeDSSlogo
Population:Recruiting Officers and General Members
VOIP:Mumble and Ventrilo

Dead Men Walking (dMw)
Teamwork - Fair Play - Fun

Main Operations We're a european-based tactical gaming community and value teamwork and fun, so we'll be having a Social entree, followed by a main course of Exploration, Engineering, Resources, Trading, Scouting, Security & Transport. DMw no banner 175x175
Population 50+ members and growing fast as more participants of our larger gaming community decide to fly in the 'verse.
Politics Neutral Good with a sneaky underbelly!
VOIP Teamspeak (up to 500 slots) - it's password protected, so you have to register on our forum to get access.


Main Operations Defense of =DBD= Home Solar System / Technology / Trade / Tactical Fighting DBD
Population 50+
Politics Loyalty to mates, Death to our Enemies
VOIP Teamspeak 3

Death Draka
Like No Other

Main Operations Military, Exploration, Mining, Trading, & Logistics
Population Unknown
Politics Militaristic
VOIP TeamSpeak 3

Deep Space Corsairs

Main Operations Military, Bounty Hunting, Research, Industries. Dsc logo 120
Population 16
Politics Democracy, meritocracy
VOIP Teamspeak 3 - Deimos Corporation
"Efficiency through Teamplay"

Main Operations PvP, Teamwork, Mercenary, Indus & Prod support DEIM006 SIG 400x
Population ~100 members, accepting 21+ members (french speaking).
Politics Economic Benifit Focus supporting PvP operation as a team
VOIP Teamspeak 3 ( )

Die Kopfgeldjägergilde

Main Operations Headhunting / Observation / Protection KGJ 120x120
Population Growing
Politics N/A
VOIP TeamSpeak 3

Main language: German
(Details on website)

"Unity, Through Oppression!"

Main Operations Securing the sector, liberating the sector, providing protection, ensuring commonwealth. Directorate
Population 250+ members, 100+ currently active.
Politics Ruthless oppression until unity.

What is best in life.

Main Operations Mercenary, Freelance, Escort Dismal disinherited
Population 25+
Politics Hierarchy
VOIP Teamspeak 3

Dogs of War
Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war

Main Operations Military, Security, Bounty Hunting, Trading, Exploration, Freelance, Escorting Dogs-of-War-logo-red-wki
Population 30+ (Recruiting)
Politics Paramilitary corporation
VOIP Raidcall

-{DM}- DrunkenMafia Star Citizen Fleet
"Good Times"

Main Operations Teamwork, Beer & Fun. Dm-emblem
Population Currently around 40 -{DM}- clan members, accepting adult members.
Politics NONE, we just have a good time.
VOIP Teamspeak 3 ( )

Upholding Justice in Trade. One confederation, under Justin.

Main Operations Trade missions of all kinds. We are currently recruiting so send in an application today! ECOJIB
Population 4 Founding Fathers
Politics Democratic
VOIP TeamSpeak 3

EDGE Foundation

Main Operations Security, Escort, Trading, Exploration, Freelance, Piracy N/A (yet)
Population 30+
Politics Loose Hierarchy
VOIP Teamspeak 3

Eden Directive
Exploration is our prime directive. Conquest is our byproduct.

Main Operations Exploration, Conquest EDENDIRECT-Logo
Population 60
Politics Elected Council
VOIP Mumble

Ellis D
The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me.

Main Operations Spying, Smuggling, Stealing Ellisd logo 3d r9
Population Currently Enlisting
Politics Anarchist
VOIP TeamSpeak 3

Equestria Royal Guard
toward a brighter future

Main Operations Trading & Social Corporation Sc-120
Population 200+ (overall community population)

60+ (Star Citizen confirmed)

Politics Oligarchy (1 community leader, 4 directors, 7 specialty officers)
VOIP TeamSpeak 3

Eridani Light Pony Aerospace Division
Friendship is Firepower

Main Operations To be Determined Elp icon 256
Population 200+
Politics Democratic
VOIP TeamSpeak 3

Executive Justice
'"Order Amidst Universal Chaos"'

Main Operations Security, Exploration and Mercantile
1418232 10100453266018264 1088887591 n
Population 100+
Politics Republic, Anti-Piracy
VOIP Discord

Honorably Exiled – Truth before Tyranny

Main Operations Anything Legal in the UEE.
Population 35+
Politics N/A
VOIP Teamspeak3

A friendly EU casual/semi-hardcore community for action, progression and fun

Main Operations As citizens we do not advocate piracy or grieving. Instead, we intend to impose ourselves as a band of independent contractors and entrepreneurs capable of taking on multiple roles. Based on our complementary skill sets we will be ready to support each other in both single-seat or multi-crew operations and will leave no man behind + Weekly AC events on thursdays... Squadron42-logo
Population 300+
Politics everything except piracy
VOIP Teamspeak 3

Exodius RedStar Society
Knowledge & Prosperity

Main Operations Everything that is profitable for society!! EXODIUS 2
Population 10 for now
Politics Follow the Society and the founders council
VOIP Skype and Mumble

A friendly EU casual/semi-hardcore community for action, progression and

Main Operations As citizens we do not advocate piracy or grieving. Instead, we intend to impose ourselves as a band of independent contractors and entrepreneurs capable of taking on multiple roles. Based on our complementary skill sets we will be ready to support each other in both single-seat or multi-crew operations and will leave no man behind + Weekly AC events on thursdays... [[1]]
Population 300+
Politics everything except piracy
VOIP Teamspeak 3

Federation of Gamers
FOGget about it

Main Operations Freelancing, Bounty Hunting, Exploration, Mercenary, Military, Logistics, privateering, trade, smuggling Ship logo
Population 1, 10 awaiting ships
Politics open
VOIP teamspeak 3

Fusion Germany
Takes good care of you

Main Operations Security, Bounty Hunting FUSION-Logo
Population 50 Status: Full
Politics N/A
VOIP Teamspeak3

Do You Have What it Takes?

Main Operations To be determined but will first test Piracy FU
Population 11 will start in alpha, unkown how many members will join at launch (+2500 members)
Politics Dictatorship! One leader ingame, discussion is on forum
VOIP 2x Team Speak: 1 public community TS3 server 512 concurrent slots and 1 private guild TS3 server with also 512 concurrent slots

Galactic Racing Syndicate
A Universe of Speed

Main Operations Racing, Gambling GRS
Population 200+
Politics Neutral Syndicate
VOIP Mumble

The Galactic Trade Federation
Sola Commercia

Main Operations Trade, Security TGTF
Population ~40 & growing
Politics Law-Abiding Corporation

Gunstar Zeroes
Have Ship, Will Travel

Main Operations Space Janitors, Mop and Bucket Wet Work  :255017 10151528941771984 1906341677 n
Population 2+
Politics Anarchist Democracy
VOIP TeamSpeak

The Guardians
Libertas Ara Amplus - Freedom, Protection, Honour.

Main Operations Everything but piracy TGLogo
Population 25+ for Star Citizen, 250+ guild wide.
Politics Federal Elective Monarchy
VOIP Mumble

Hec Co.
Because We’re Better Than You!

Main Operations Exploiting minerals and shallow minded individuals for profit. The Anti-Hero of the Galaxy. HecCo
Population 6
Politics Council
VOIP Steam Guild Chat

Horizon Starlines
SC's Leading Professionally Managed Organization

Main Operations Luxury Transport & Shipping HorizonLogo - Black Small
Population 50 - 100
Politics Board of Directors
VOIP Teamspeak

Ignoble Order
Trade, Fight, Win

Main Operations Trade and Mercenary contracts, multi-game competitive clan, claim territory. Squadron42-logo
Population 20+ Recruiting
Politics Cooperative Organization
VOIP TeamSpeak 3

Imperium Fleet
The Sun Never Sets

Main Operations Find a home in lawless space where members can live, have fun, and profit. StarCitizen Base Icon 120x120
Population International with 1600+
Politics N/A
VOIP Teamspeak 3

Infamous Stalkers
We're always watching.

Main Operations Piracy, Smuggling, Black-Ops, Raiding. N/A (yet)
Population 10+ Growing
Politics Independent
VOIP TeamSpeak 3 server (Skype as an alternative)

Intergalactic International
Blow your brains out, Make you lots of money, All at the same time.

Main Operations Top flight security PMC/ Freelancing Business Intgint-logo
Population Growing
Politics Defending the oppressed and providing job security.
VOIP TeamSpeak 3 server info on site.

Internet Defence Force (iDF)

Main Operations Defending the sanctity of the Child of Gore (Emblem 120x120)
Population <10
Politics Fighting for that which is right, and good, and noble, and just, and fun. Those things.
VOIP Dolby Axon

Interplanetary Society of Exploration (I.S.E.)
Unlocking even the last door of the galaxy!

Main Operations Exploration Ise wiki
Population Currently recruiting
Politics N/A

"Fortes soli, fortiores una" -Strong alone, Stonger Together

Main Operations Security and Freelancing B8xM3W6
Population Enlisting!
Politics PMC
VOIP TeamSpeak (server details on site)


Main Operations PVP, Neutral, Piracy, Smuggling, Exploration, Trading,Research, Engineering, Production, Services protections, Bounty hunting JestersNC
Population 300+
Politics Classified
VOIP Teamspeak3

Jet Guild
Obelisk & Co.

Main Operations Piracy and Smuggling Jetguildemblem
Population 10 members, 20 waiting to buy ships.
Politics Monarchy
VOIP Teamspeak 3

JTF Jaguar
We Will Find A Way

Main Operations Security & Logistics JTFJaguar Emblem
Population Classified
Politics Special Operations Force
VOIP TeamSpeak 3

KaoS Legion
Kill Secured

Main Operations Escorts, Mercenaries, itsasecret, and other Undesirables Kaos-legion
Population 20ish 6/23/13
Politics Meritocracy
VOIP TeamSpeak 3

Karma Corp
Official Alliance of Reddit

Main Operations Overseeing operations (Emblem 120x120)
Population 300+
Politics Unite, control, conquer

Kong Interstellar Security Solutions
Kong Strong

Main Operations Private Security and Shipping KONG
Population 80+
Politics Meritocracy
VOIP Ventrilo, TS3

Laika's Eyes
Strength is not in numbers, but in organization, communication, and skill.

Main Operations opportunists, but no pirates or assassins Laika&#039;s Eyes logo
Population few
Politics Not a democracy. The founder’s opinion becomes the final decision.
VOIP Team Speak 3

Lanckham Pacific Intergalactic Spacelines
Integrity First, Service before Self, Excellence in all we do

Main Operations Transporting passengers and goods around the UEE as a spaceline. LPI logo
Population <10
Politics Corporation
VOIP TeamSpeak server is on the way

Larsson Group
"To be the light from which darkness recedes.” - Týr Larsson, Founder in 2655

Main Operations Legal UEE; Open to all play types; Main divisions are Military, Exploration and Logistics LarssonLogo120
Population 50+
Politics Representative Democracy (see our charter and constitution.)
VOIP TeamSpeak 3 (open to public)

Last Man Standing
Get some.

Main Operations Bounty Hunting LMS-Mandalorian
Population 16
Politics Egalitarian
VOIP RaidCall

League of Space Exploration Specialists
Per Aspera Ad Astra

Main Operations Exploration (Deep Space), Freelancing Lses logo
Population 95+
Politics Non-Hierarchical Free Association
VOIP Teamspeak 3

Lightning Transport
We Ship Lightning Fast

Main Operations Bounty Hunting, Trade, Security, Racing, Escort, Mining 120 120 logo
Population Growing
Politics Corporation
VOIP Teamspeak

Lawful Interstellar Operations Navy (LION)
Contego Vita: Protect Life

Main Operations Peacekeeping(Security/Militairy), Exploring And Everything else, excluding dishonorfull activities such as Pirating and Smuggling, in a lesser fashion.
LION - Offical Logo -centered small-
Population 20+ Members, all active and willing. Recruiting.
Politics Constitutional Military Infrastructure
VOIP Skype and ingame chat. TBA.

For the Benefit of Some

Main Operations Exploration, Science & Industry, Sport Longbow wiki

Loose Association of Mercenaries & Privateers (LAMP)
the LAMP will be our beacon, our lighthouse in space

Main Operations Freelancing, Exploration, Security, Smuggling, Trading, Piracy, Bounty Hunting, Mining, Escort, Logistics, Racing, Military,PvP, PvE, Co-op, FUN! Lamp logo
Population 678 LAMP fleet members by 03/01/2014
Politics Democracy
VOIP TeamSpeak 3

Loxley-Miyamoto Industries (LMI)
Shaping A Better Galaxy

Main Operations Exploration, Security, Trade, Mining, Freelance Squadron42-logo
Population 15
Politics Democratic with a Board of Directors
VOIP TeamSpeak 3

Manticor Inc.

Main Operations Bounty Hunting, Exploration, Freelancing/Mercenary, Logistics, Militaristic/Security, Trade ManticorInc
Population 10

Currently Enlisting

Politics military structure

Midnight Squadron
Become part of a gaming legacy

Main Operations Military, Exploration, Trade and Logistics MSLogo
Population Entire gaming community: 200+

Star Citizen division: 40+ and growing!

Politics Military Structure
VOIP Teamspeak 3

MOG Nation
United We Game

Main Operations Supports all professions/careers. Community equipped to cater to both casual and hardcore players.
Population MOG Nation: 1000+ Star Citizen Chapter: 30+ (most members are age 30+)
Politics Council
VOIP Mumble

Always Ready

Main Operations Escort, Security, Contract, Trade, Mercenary Moppy120x120
Population 300+
Politics Militaristic
VOIP Teamspeak

Morior Invictus (XIV)
Death Before Defeat

Main Operations Private Military Contractor, Freelance, Security, Escort, Bounty Hunting, Piracy, and Smuggling.
Population N/A
Politics Military Democracy
VOIP Mumble

Nexus Corp.
The only real PMC in the Universe

Main Operations Private Military Contractor, Security, Recon Logo-Clean-Version
Population 75+
Politics True PMC
VOIP Mumble

Occultae Veritatis (TOV)
the hidden truth

Main Operations Piracy
Population 25+
Politics democracy w/ council
VOIP Teamspeak 3

Oceanic Merc Corp
It's probably fine..

Main Operations Military, Security, Bounty Hunting, Trading, Exploration, Freelance, Escort, Mining OMC-SC-Logo-120
Population 77 confirmed SC pilots / 200+ active corp members
Politics Oligarchy
VOIP TeamSpeak 3 server (Details on website)

Old Fanged Farts
Aes non olet

Main Operations Merc. Corp., Privateering, Smuggling, Military, Exploration, Production OFF logo
Population 40+ (02/01/2014)
Politics Military Democracy
VOIP TeamSpeak 3. Main language - Russian.

Omicron Supply Industries
To bring life to the outer reaches of space

Main Operations Trading, Mining, Escort OSI
Population Invite only
Politics Business
VOIP Teamspeak3/Skype

Omicron Systems LLC.
Your request, our specialty.

Main Operations Private Contractor Omicron Emblem 2
Population 5
Politics Privately Owned Company
VOIP Skype

Omni Vigilant Gypsies
We are Bird Watchers

Main Operations Scouting, Infiltration, Data Running, Courier, Racing OVG175
Population 8
Politics Anarcho-Libertarian

One Blood

Main Operations Everything One Blood
Population N/A
Politics N/A
VOIP Teamspeak3

Onyx Corporation

Main Operations We have divisions for everthing!
Population 40+
Politics We have a management division, sorta like a real company.
VOIP Teamspeak 3 Private & Public

Orange Rose Corp
Experts in exploration, transportation and trading

Main Operations To keep on exploring, bringing new light to our civilization and others. Trade and transport are secondary goals, creating means to undertake new missions. ORO LOGO SCHILD KLEIN
Population Ever growing strong.
Politics NL/BE PMC with three divisions.

Order of the Apparition
"Heed the call of the Void"

Main Operations Espionage, Diplomacy, Exploration, Mining, Trading, Assassinations and Military Escorts. Order Symbol 1
Population 50 and Growing
Politics Led by Three Member Council

Ours is the Fury
"Oderint dum metuant."

Main Operations Fleet Operations, Tactical Warfare, Trading, Mining, Exploration Fury banner
Population 30+
Politics N/A
VOIP TeamSpeak 3

Outcast Pirates (OP)
We are here before you realize us!

Main Operations Piracy, Smuggling, Trading, Rape, Freedom Struggle, Order Defense, Diversion, Blockade Outcast-Pirates
Population 35+
Politics democracy, equal right for all
VOIP Teamspeak 3 (GER)

Overpowered Corp
“Pax propter vim.”

Main Operations We work in the dark, to serve the light. Opcorp sign 120x120
Population Redacted
Politics Imperialism
VOIP Discord

Powers Against Common Threats

Main Operations Internationally organized alliance akin to NATO. PACTLogo
Population 5,000+ members, including: Imperium, Systems United Navy, Eternal Vigilance, ACES, Terran Colonial Forces, Tiberium Corporation, The 19th Corporation, The Horsemen, PMC-Quasar, Broadside, Tactical Advance and the Intergalactic Trading Empire.
Politics Governed by a Summit Council of Representatives from each member organization, assisted by an Administrator.
VOIP TeamSpeak 3

Embracing the zenith of technological enhancement and advancement.

Main Operations The congregation is encouraged to undertake any such activity which may in its course, encourage the use of, or reliance on technology. PAGAN-Logo
Population Welcoming the faithful to the congregation.
Politics PAGAN considers itself neutral to all factions, with the exception of those who seek to undermine its fundamental goal by disrupting the distribution and development of technology, the sale of advanced goods and the murder of its congregation.

Paktu Sjet Armada
Serving-up revenge, ice cold, since 2000.

Main Operations Herding cats Paktu sjet armada
Population 10-150
Politics Parliamentary Military-Dictatorship
VOIP TeamSpeak 3 / Ventrillo

Silence is Golden

Main Operations Exploration, Intel Polaris
Population Unpublished
Politics Information Broker

Organisation FR Phalanx
Oderint, dum metuant - Qu'ils me haissent pourvu qu'ils me craignent

Main Operations Guilde / Organisation Française PvP, Security, Freelancing, Trade, Exploration, Economy, Industry. French organization PhalanxShort
Population 70+
Politics Governed by an administrative council, and a board of operational officers
VOIP Teamspeak 3 (FR)

The weak shall perish, Fire will reign!

Main Operations PvP, Security, Freelancing, Trade, Exploration, Economics [[File:]]
Population 17+ (Germand and English members)
Politics elected Council
VOIP TeamSpeak 3

Planet Express Crew
Good news everyone!

Main Operations Trade/Hauling/Exploration with protection for our fleet. PXPLogo120pxDarkBg
Population 350+
Politics FUN! (Respect each other and there won't be problems)
VOIP Mumble (Instructions here:

Ragnarok Republic
Excellence as a foundation for everything we do.

Main Operations Mercenary Contracts, Security Forces, Escort Contracts Ragnarok Republic
Population ~50
Politics Militant
VOIP Teamspeak3

Red Eye Syndicate
la famiglia unita

Main Operations Grey Market Mafia Redeye 120
Politics N/A
VOIP TeamSpeak 3

Red Dawn
Guilde française

Main Operations Exploration / Security Reddawn-logo
Population 30 +
Politics RSI PAGE
VOIP TeamSpeak

To the infinity and then there

Main Operations Trading TBD
Population ~35
Politics We are always going to it

Red Raven
a friend in need is a friend indeed

Main Operations trading and other things Clanlogo
Population many members - all hidden or not official members
Politics friendly, family, allways doing our best, uncompromising
VOIP TS3 will be coming soon while the game-release

Rogue Squadron

Main Operations Anti-Piracy, Civilian Protection, Patrols, UEE Force Projection
Population N/A
Politics N/A

Security - War - Operations - Rescue - Defense

Main Operations Military, Security, Freelancing, Counter-Terrorism, Escorts, Defense Logo 180x180-1-
Population Currently Enlisting
Politics TBD
VOIP Planned but not final

Special Service Forces
Nex Superne

Main Operations 1st Special Service Forces - Special Operation, Security, Bounty Hunting

Sanctuary Republic

Main Operations Establish a sovereign nation beyond the UEE; Establish trade monopolies in that area. SR logo
Population 200+
Members are from all time zones.
Politics Militaristic Republic in nature. Ruled by 3 Chancellors and 6 Senators.
VOIP Teamspeak 3

Setta del Corvo Rosso
As in the past, so in the future!!

Main Operations Security, Military, Exploration, Trading F-settaV252a87b100014ce9b
Population 12+ recruitment open!
Politics Faith
VOIP TeamSpeak 3

Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.

Main Operations PvE // Smuggling, Information gathering, Freelancing Squadron42-logo
Population redacted
Politics Core group of friends looking to expand operations
VOIP Teamspeak

The Skjaldborg
Miscreants, Mead and Mayhem

Main Operations Exploration, Trade, Salvage, Mining, Mercenary Skaldborg-Logo
Population 60+
Politics Roving Gypsy Space Vikings
VOIP Teamspeak 3

South Pacific Gamers
We Stand Together, We Fight Together, We Game Together..

Main Operations Military, Security, Bounty Hunting, Trading, Exploration, Freelance, & Mining SPG
Population SC 25+ & Recruiting
Politics Community founded in 2002: Respect, Trust, Unity, Friendship, Equality.
VOIP Ventrilo / TS3

Space Rescue and Recovery Service
Save 'em all, let God sort 'em out

Main Operations Search and Rescue, Lifesaving SRRS-Circle-Patch
Population 10+ and Recruiting (especially real world SAR professionals and fans)
Politics Para-Military Meritocracy

A ship would bring you work, a gun would help you keep it. A captain's goal was simple: find a crew, find a job, keep flying.

Main Operations Piracy & Legal
Population 50+ Recruiting currently OPEN but will be closed and vouch only shortly.
Politics Meritocracy
VOIP RaidCall: 9321015

Sphere Industries
The future here today.

Main Operations Research, Engineering, Production, Services, Mining Sphere Logo S
Population 5
Politics N/A

Star Citizen FR {Sibylla}

Main Operations Military, Bounty Hunting, Research, Industries, Mining Logo SCFR
Population 600+
Politics Nation affiliated to UEE
VOIP TeamSpeak 3
Stay Crispy
Semper Crispis - Always Crispy
Main Operations:Exploration, Mining, Cargo Transport

Systematic Kaos {sK}
We don't need no stinking badges!

Main Operations Herding cats SKbutton
Population 15+
Politics Parliamentary Military-Dictatorship
VOIP TeamSpeak 3 / Ventrillo

Systems United Navy
Accipiens ad Astra - "Take to the Stars"

Main Operations Private Military Contractor Sunlogolightcropped
Population Not disclosed.
Politics Navy, with corporation aspects.
VOIP Mumble

Tabula Stellarum
Vita Cognitio Est

Main Operations Exploration, Trading, Salvaging, Scouting Tabula Stellarum
Population 100+
Politics N/A

Team Legacy

Main Operations Mercenary Work and System Security TL Logo
Population 50
Politics Paramilitary
VOIP Teamspeak 3

Terran Colonial Forces
Protect Terran Space and Colonial Worlds against all threats

Main Operations Security, Military, Escorts, Exploration and Nationbuilding, multiple Squadrons operations Tcf
Population 301st TCEagles, 317th Scythers, 313rd DragonClaw
Politics Law Friendly Naval Organization, military organization


Main Operations Military, Economy, Exploration Logo 200x207
Population <10
Politics Council
VOIP Mumble

Thelyn Ennor
It's the way we play!

Main Operations Military, Bounty Hunting, Exploration, Industries
TE Lion Head-250x250
Population 120 (German Corp) +360 Community, Ships: +300
Politics Military Structure, UEE Loyal, Founder of Horizon Alliance
VOIP Teamspeak 3

TEST Squadron, Best Squadron

Main Operations Alcohol, Everything TEST
Population 5000+
Politics TBD
VOIP Mumble

The 179th Ascension Squad

Main Operations Exploration, Combat, Crafting* (If possible) (Emblem 120x120)
Population 15+
Politics Privately Owned Corp.
VOIP Dedicated Private Server

The Ardenoth Coalition
"Interdum feror cupidine partium magnarum galaxias vincendarum"

Main Operations Exploration, Mining, Trading, Science & Technology, Covert Ops, Logistics (Courier services), Escort. Tacemb.fw
Population ~10 (growing)
Politics Democracy with ministers heading various divisions and cores.
VOIP Teamspeak 3 @

The Art of Warfare
Honor, Friendship, Fair Play, and Loyalty.

Main Operations Self-Sufficiency: Exploration, Resources, Trading, Security Sealoftaw
Population Overall: 2500+ Star Citizen 50+ (recruiting)
Politics Neutral
VOIP Teamspeak 3

The Citadel Space Corporation
Industry and Combat Working Together

Main Operations Trading / Hauling / Combat / Exploration Ccforum-avatar
Population Growing
Politics Corporation/Squad Structure
VOIP TeamSpeak 3

Main language: English

The Convoy™
A fellowship of Starfarer and Merchantman owners, other haulers and escorts

Main Operations Logistics, Trading TheConvoyLogo
Population 1,100+
Politics Neutral

We are coming....

Main Operations Power leads to Control. Control leads to Domination. Domination leads to... CORP 120x84
Population Growing
Politics We use the laws to serve our needs
VOIP TeamSpeak 3 server (Details on webstie)

The 19th Corporation [19th]

Main Operations All 19thsc2 zps5f9e9ee2
Population 50+
Politics The 19th Corporation will have their hand in everything and will be one of the largest and most respected organisations within the Star Citizen universe.
VOIP TeamSpeak 3

The Exchange
You scratch my back, I'll fuck someone up for you

Main Operations Piracy, Smuggling, Trading The exchange emblem
Population Unknown
Politics The Exchange is inner circle/communication hub. Currently more then 10 unlawful Guilds and Squadrons are involved in this organization.
VOIP variable

The Shadow Legion
Ut Legionem

Main Operations *Syndicate*

Piracy, Smuggling, Trade, Exploring, Mercenary, Bounty hunting, Mining, Protection service

TSL 1388001005
Population 210+ members, around 550+ships and growing fast every day!
Politics Chaotic Neutral/ Unlawful Syndicate
VOIP (500 capacity)teamspeak 3

The Exiled Fleet
Honour in Exile, Truth before Tyranny

Main Operations Separatists Logo rayce idea4
Population 30+
Politics Meritocracy
VOIP TeamSpeak 3

The Four Aces
Communicate. Participate. Advance.

Main Operations Warfighting, Mercantile, Acquisitions, Exploration The Four Aces Logo
Population 300+ (Actively Recruiting)
Politics Para-Military
VOIP TeamSpeak 3

The German Community (SC-COM)

Main Operations Smuggling, Exploration, Trading, Mining Sc small
Population N/A
Politics N/A
VOIP Teamspeak3

The Grinning Skulls

Main Operations Piracy, Smuggling, Exploration, Trading The Grinning Skulls
Population 10+
Politics N/A
VOIP Mumble

The Mass
Empires will burn.

Main Operations Anarchy, Dismantlement of super corporations, Disruption of UEE operations (Emblem 120x120)
Population Unknown
Politics Hivemind

The Mercenaries Guild (={MG}=)
Ad Basim Sunt Omnia

Main Operations Anything if the price is right Mglogoav
Population [Classified]
Politics Undefined
VOIP Coming Soon

Tiber Patria Nostra

Main Operations Bounty Hunting, Security, War, Exploration... LOGO - Tiberium-120
Population [Classified]
Politics Oligarchic, french
VOIP Teamspeak3

North American Gaming Network

Main Operations Military, Security, Trading, Intel, Explorating Uscan-logo2a
Population 12
Politics Democratic with Military Structure
VOIP Mumble

The Trust
We know your Secrets

Main Operations Trade / Exploring / Escorts / Crafting / Mining / Bountyhunting Trust-vers1280
Population 152 (Status:Full only Friends)
Politics Evil Legal
VOIP Teamspeak3

The Vederation
The Ride Never Ends.

Main Operations Classified The vederation fleet
Population 10,000,000+
Politics Classified
VOIP Classified


Main Operations marchand piraterie contrebande esclavage
Population 100+
Politics neutre evil pirate
VOIP mumble

The WidowMakers
Honor Above All.

Main Operations The WidowMakers are a group of gamers some whom have been associated with one another for 17 years and draws its linage from the Mechwarrior game franchise. As avid space sim fans Clan WidowMaker is launching as a unit in Star Citizen. Join us! WM-MERCCORP-logo 120
Population 20 and Growing
Politics Neutral
VOIP Coms via TeamSpeak 3

A predator does not hate its prey. A predator improves the stock.

Main Operations Muscle TITAN
Population 56
Politics PMC
VOIP Mumble

Trident Outfit
"The Crown Belongs To Us"

Main Operations Exploration, Security, Trading Trident Logo - (200x69)
Population International Multi-Game Community
Politics Law Abiding Citizens of the UEE
VOIP Teamspeak 3

Titan Union
"Space is endless and so are we"

Main Operations Commerce, industry and military operations. Titan Union Logo
Population Around 100
Politics Council of the Main Branches
VOIP Teamspeak:

The Verdant Eye
"Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves"

Main Operations The Verdant Eye is a current experiment that will (with moderate laws) let the members of the organization have "The Freedom of Choice". This will allow the members to control their own moral laws & change what path the organization may take during its existence, depending on what the majority prefers. As the citizen's personal Freedom & Safety comes before everything else, the requirement to become a member is to show respect towards the others, and to accept everyone as equals. If one are in the need of aid, it's the member's duty to provide safety for that fellow citizen. BCM-Logo
Population 70+
Politics Law Enforcement of the Verdant Council
VOIP Skype

Unified Trade Network
E pluribus unum - Out of many, one.

Main Operations Trade, Transport, Mining, Exploration, Escort Handle-care-sign-light-flare-6233488
Population Growing
Politics Board of Directors
VOIP Teamspeak 3

UEE Navy
Protect, Build, Serve

Main Operations Military, Security, Intel, Explorating Uee-navy-trans
Population See recruiter
Politics Military Structure
VOIP coming soon!

Union Hydra
Organisation Francophone Star Citizen.

Main Operations Exploration, trade ,mercenary ,diplomacy and logistics. Unionhydralogo
Population Open recruitment
Politics Organisation
VOIP Mumble (Invitation and our members)

Unitized Fuel Stocks, Inc. (UFS)
Propelling you forward

Main Operations Fuel Refinement, Refueling, Repair, Trading Star
Population Actively Employing
Politics Corporation

United Nations Space Command
Surege et Resergere

Main Operations Defending UN space, counter piracy, exploration, security, trade Squadron42-logo
Population unknown
Politics Conventional Military
VOIP Teamspeak

Valinor Aerospace Ltd.
Truth, Knowledge, Discovery

Main Operations Exploration, Science & Research, Trades, Security Valinor-Square-Logo s
Population ~400
Politics Neutral-Good, Secular, Humanist, Progressive

Vanduul Vanguard

Main Operations Neutral Vv
Population 8
Politics Politicsally-Neutral

Let another's wounds be your warning...

Main Operations Piracy, Mercenary Work, Bounty Hunting, Smuggling, Exploration, Security (Escorting) Vikings Logo
Population 50+
Politics In-game Adhocracy
VOIP Private Mumble server (no limit)

Weyland-Yutani Corp
-Building Better Worlds-

Main Operations Trading, Security, Exploration, Roleplay Weyland-yutani
Population Actively employing
Politics Weyland-Yutani is a private corporation focused on exploration and application of space assets. The Company strives with unlimited ambition to build better worlds within the Star Citizen universe, by any means necessary.
VOIP Terminal access at our webpage

Yaw'ran Guard
Victis Honor

Main Operations Bounty Hunting, Exploration, Logistics/Mining, Military, Privateering, Trade Logo-banner-trans-256x1024
Population Currently Enlisting

Xen of Onslaught

Main Operations Military and Economic Supremacy XenOfOnslaught
Population Over 50
Politics Hierarchy
VOIP Teamspeak 3

Intergalactic Trading Empire Mining, Trading and Military

Main Operations The Empire operates in Mining, Trading and Security and is expanding to other branches to develop the experience for its members!
10368554 10152439919474252 1074807458 o

The new logo for the Intergalactic Trading Empire

Population 45+
Politics Democratic and Independent
VOIP RaidCall

Power's Needful Ally

Main Operations All governments, corporations and organizations must play dirty at times. Often the challenge is not the execution of an act but rather keeping one's hands clean. Such occasions demand the type of ally that only wealth and power can afford. Collegium Logo White
Population Secret (always recruiting and forming alliances)
Politics Oligarchy
VOIP Mumble

Unión Cosmos
Ad astra per aspera

Main Operations All kind of Operation (Emblem 120x120)
Population 30 - 40 Citizen
Politics Democracy - Nation
VOIP Discord (spanish speaking community)

Scio Me Nescire

Main Operations Casual and hardcore are welcome alike! Star citizen organisation logo
Population Growing
Politics Laid back. Have fun. No barking orders.
VOIP Discord

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