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A Standard Cargo Unit, SCU, is the universal measurement that defines the measurements of a cargo box which is used to transport any goods.[1]

In terms of measurements, 1 SCU amounts to 1.95 m3 (1.25 × 1.25 × 1.25 m) which corresponds to 1m3 of goods storage with 0.125 m protection on each side and a cover. Freight therefore has a universal size, regardless of the type of container used.

1 SCU can hold 100 units of goods before it is full. Since 1 SCU is the smallest container size, this means that if you buy 1 unit of beans or 100 units, a 1 SCU container of beans will be delivered in your hold. As you probably imagine, the 101st bean unit purchased implies that it will now occupy 2 SCUs in the cargo hold.

It should also be noted that a player cannot store different types of goods in the same box, filling 1 SCU with one half of beans therefore does not allow the other half to be filled with pork and saving space. Pork will be stored within its own SCU container. Any additional units of pork or beans purchased will be added to existing SCU. This allows players to equalize their different products and get the most out of their space.

Conversion table[]

SCU Centi SCU (cSCU) Micro SCU (μSCU)
1 100 1,000,000
0.01 1 10,000
0.000001 0.0001 1
  • SCU: Commonly used measurement for any cargo.
  • Centi SCU
  • Micro SCU: Measurement used in personal inventory storage, one Storage Point (SP) is equal to one micro SCU.