Squadron 42, or simply S42, is the legendary volunteer unit assigned to the UEE's Paul Steed (CV 023) of the 2nd Fleet of the United Empire of Earth Navy. It can be found in many warzones and even took part in the Second Tevarin War's infamous Battle of Centauri in 2610. Aria Reilly was a legendary member of Squadron 42 who favored the F7A Hornet. The F7C Hornet Wildfire was built as a member of the Masters of Flight series in conjunction with Arena Commander to pay tribute to Aria Reilly, equipped with her preferred loadout and a custom special edition livery.[1] Those who enlist with the 42nd Squadron may earn UEE Citizenship.[2][3][4]

The game won't enter beta until at least 2020.[5]

Behind the scenes

Squadron 42 is a single player campaign that takes place within the Star Citizen universe. It can be played off-line.[2] Squadron 42 will be released in 3 episodes or stand alone games[6], the first of which will become available in the near future. The first episode will have 70 missions which will total up to 20 hours of gameplay.[6]

As stated in the CitizenCon 2016 presentation[7] by Chris Roberts, the ambition and scope grew since first pitched in 2012:


CitizenCon 2016 SQ42

28 chapters equivalent to 60+ missions
A-list cast to match any event movie
340 speaking roles with state of the art facial scanning and mocap
Over 20 hours of performance capture
Story arc with 1255 pages of dialogue
40 distinct ships from fighters to dreadnoughts
Hand-crafted environments enhanced with procedural tech
Systemic space and FPS gameplay - from stealth to brute force
Dogfighting in both space and planetary atmosphere
Subsumption AI - fully systemic, 24-hr schedules, 1000+ subroutines, simultaneous secondary objectives

There is an official trailer and information page about the game featuring Gary Oldman as Admiral Bishop, listing Mark Hamill, John Rhys Davies, Gillian Anderson, and others.[8]

Squadron 42 Bishop Senate Speech

Squadron 42 Bishop Senate Speech

Development started with the announcement of Erin Roberts joining the project with the Studio Foundry 42 in Manchester at the CitizenCon 2013.


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