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Star Citizen takes place at a time when Humanity has reached the stars and come into contact with several other extra-terrestrial races. The United Empire of Earth has since formed trade relations with the Banu Protectorate and the Xi'an Empire. Remnants of the Tevarin race, largely decimated in the Second Tevarin War, exist within the UEE. Vanduul society is unclear as most interactions with the other races are openly hostile, although they are known to operate in clans. As for the Kr’Thak, only the Xi'An have dealings with them and have not revealed what kind of societal structure they possess or if the Kr’Thak have any kind of society at all.

The Tevarin once maintained a martial society, now collapsed in the wake of two wars with Humans. Remnants of other extinct civilizations have been discovered in the Hades system, near Quasi on Terra, and on Kins II in Banu space.

Known species[edit | edit source]

Banu[edit | edit source]


Hadesian[edit | edit source]

[2] The Hadesians had been extinct in the consequences of a civil-war.

Human[edit | edit source]

Kr’Thak[edit | edit source]


Tevarin[edit | edit source]

Vanduul[edit | edit source]


Xi'an[edit | edit source]


Unknown species[edit | edit source]

Species of Kins II[edit | edit source]

A unnamed species whos last sign of existences end on Kins II.

Species of Quasi[edit | edit source]

A unnamed species who was last seen in Quasi.

Species currently in development[edit | edit source]

Orm[edit | edit source]

Osoians[edit | edit source]


Phare's Ape[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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