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Ships in Star Citizen are used by players and NPCs in a variety of ways. From exploring new Jump Points to cargo transport, racing or combat. There are many Variants available for ships to allow them to compete in different roles, like the 300i, 315p, or 325a.
Useful for defending or attacking, repairing or defrauding, scanning or hiding; equipment shapes a ship. For more information, see the pages below:
Starting ships
Spot on...
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The Banu Defender a Banu two-seater fighter whose design is inspired by several origins: Xi'an thrusters, Tevarin shields and four "Singe" Tachyon Cannon. Although the cargo space is limited, the Defender provides modest living space for its crew and allows easy access to its components. It takes its name from its role: to be the first line of defense against enemy attacks.
Ship series