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Ships are grouped in one of five different ship sizes, with Snub being the smallest and Capital the largest. The ship sizes also reflects the required size of a landing pad or hangar.

The larger the ship the more functionality certain ship roles can have. Some roles are also excluded from certain ship sizes, e.g. a Capital Ship can not be a Light Fighter and a Small Ship can not be a Frigate.


Snub ships are dedicated support ships made for scouting, planetary exploration/travel and disembark from larger ships. Snubs typically have no quantum jump drive and due to the compact size of 13.0m x10.0m x4.3m can in most cases only accommodate 1 person.


Small ships are, with exceptions, always 1-person ships. They can feature roles like, Cargo or Exploration but with a very limited functionality. Small ships don't have, with exceptions, a vehicle bay.


Medium ships can be multi-crew ships but always have a combined Pilot-Gunner. The main part of a medium ship is typically dedicated to a role, but with limited functionality compared to a large ship.


Large ships are always multi-crew ships with a dedicated Pilot. Other roles can be for example Captain, Radar Intercept Officer, Gunner or Engineer. Large ships often times have a vehicle bay or ship hangar and can have a dedicated bridge.


Capital ships are multi-deck ships with rooms or decks dedicated to a role, e.g. Bridge, Medical Facility, Flight Deck, Habitation or Exploration. The smallest capital ship is the Polaris with a footprint of 155.0m x 82m x 35m.

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