Ships are designed with one or more roles to determine their functionality and potential in the universe. Some roles can have special tools or equipment which is used for careers.

Each ship has a role assigned to it, in the case of the “multi-role” group they often have two to reflect their nature, this role is a clarification of what each ship is designed for. The role gives an overview of what is expected minute by minute, hour by hour for each cycle of play for such ship whereas the trade group rather defines a cycle day by day.

Through in-game customization, the boundaries between these roles can become blurred. For example, you can modify a Gladius to have heavier weapons, better armor, and more durable components to a point, but it will still be a light combat ship, not a medium. While we already see it very competitive in good hands against a base mid-battle ship, it might be safer to consider other mid-battle ship options in several cases.

This is only a small sampling of the roles currently available among Star Citizen's variety of ships and vehicles, and it is not, and will never be, an exhaustive list. Over time, additional roles will be introduced, and existing roles will be expanded and more detailed. For this article, we wanted to provide you with a brief introduction to some of the ways of playing that we want Star Citizen ships and vehicles to offer you.

Additionally, these roles are the starting points for each ship, based on their original design and default equipment. Via the enhancement and customization systems, we hope to provide you with a wide variety of options for players to modify the performance and possibilities of each ship, improve them, whether in the functionality of their intended roles, or in other cases, that they perform well beyond the limits of what the designers of these ships had in mind. Want a modified Hornet for racing? How about a stealthy Buccaneer? While not every ship is as versatile as others, one day we look forward to introducing you to the tools that will allow you to make your ship unique.

Ship roles[edit | edit source]

Fighters and bombers[edit | edit source]

Bomber[edit | edit source]

Heavy Bomber[edit | edit source]

Stealth Bomber[edit | edit source]

Corvette[edit | edit source]

Destroyer[edit | edit source]

Dropship[edit | edit source]

Snub Fighter[edit | edit source]

Light Fighter[edit | edit source]

Medium Fighter[edit | edit source]

Heavy Fighter[edit | edit source]

Heavy Combat Fighter[edit | edit source]

Stealth Fighter[edit | edit source]

Frigate[edit | edit source]

Gunship[edit | edit source]

Heavy Gunship[edit | edit source]

Transport Gunship[edit | edit source]

Stealth[edit | edit source]

Other military uses[edit | edit source]

Interdiction[edit | edit source]

Military[edit | edit source]

Minelayer[edit | edit source]

Transport Military[edit | edit source]

Career ships[edit | edit source]

Heavy Construction[edit | edit source]

Medium Data[edit | edit source]

Expedition[edit | edit source]

Exploration[edit | edit source]

Industrial[edit | edit source]

Prospecting and Mining[edit | edit source]

Heavy Mining[edit | edit source]

Passenger[edit | edit source]

Pathfinder[edit | edit source]

Racing[edit | edit source]

Medium Refuel[edit | edit source]

Heavy Refuelling[edit | edit source]

Medium Repair[edit | edit source]

Heavy Repair[edit | edit source]

Reporting[edit | edit source]

Light Salvage[edit | edit source]

Heavy Salvage[edit | edit source]

Light Science[edit | edit source]

Heavy Science[edit | edit source]

First responder and hospitals[edit | edit source]

Medical[edit | edit source]

Support - Medical[edit | edit source]

Transport and cargo[edit | edit source]

Cargo[edit | edit source]

Medium Cargo[edit | edit source]

Light Freight[edit | edit source]

Medium Freight[edit | edit source]

Heavy Freight[edit | edit source]

Multi-Role - Light Carrier ships‏‎[edit | edit source]

Transport[edit | edit source]

Other civilian uses[edit | edit source]

Civilian[edit | edit source]

Luxury[edit | edit source]

Touring[edit | edit source]

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