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Ship pipeline as of 2014

The Ship pipeline is the production cycle any vehicle or space ship goes through from idea to fully functional and textured model ready to be used in game. It is important to note that the production stages don't correspondent in real-time with the public announcement stages.

Production stages[]


  • Design Brief


  • Concept


  • White box modelling
  • First flyable model

Grey box

  • Grey box modelling

Final art

  • Final modelling and details

Flight prep

  • Damage states
  • LOD's
  • QA & Tech testing

Public announcement stages[]

  • Announced: The spacecraft has been officially announced by CIG, but no work has yet been done. Normally, the next phase of development is the concept stage.
  • Concept: CIG works on the design of the ship from its main role to its characteristics. The first conceptual drawings are drawn by the artists working for CIG. This stage generally marks the appearance of a conceptual limited-time sale of the ship.
  • In Production: The ship is currently in the development phase by the various teams.
  • Hangar Ready: The ship is available in the players' hangar. (Ships are no longer placed in Hangar Ready with the introduction of the PU.)
  • Flight Ready: The ship is available in the different game modes of Star Citizen: Arena Commander and Persistent Universe.




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