Ship manufacturers have been building military and civilian ship for decades and spend billions of dollars on research and development of components.

Manufacturers Description and products
Aegis Dynamics Aegis Dynamics became the first manufacturer of military vessels during the First Tevarin War against the Tevarins.
ArrowAvenger StalkerAvenger TitanAvenger Titan RenegadeAvenger WarlockC8 PiscesC8X Pisces ExpeditionCrucibleEclipseGladiatorGladiusGladius ValiantPirate GladiusHammerheadHammerhead Best In Show EditionHawkIdris-MIdris-PJavelinNautilusNautilus Solstice EditionVulcanRedeemerReclaimerReclaimer Best In Show EditionRetaliator BaseRetaliator BomberSabreSabre CometSabre RavenValkyrieValkyrie Liberator EditionVanguard HarbingerVanguard HopliteVanguard SentinelVanguard Warden Edit
Anvil Aerospace Most of Anvil Aerospace's revenues come from its military contracts with the United Empire of Earth for the design and construction of fighters.
CarrackCarrack ExpeditionF7A HornetF7C HornetF7C Hornet WildfireF7C-M Super HornetF7C-M Super Hornet HeartseekerF7C-R Hornet TrackerF7C-S Hornet GhostF8A LightningF8C LightningF8C Lightning Executive-EditionHurricaneTerrapin Edit
Aopoa Following a technology exchange partnership with the ship manufacturer Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern, Emperor Kray awarded Aopoa with the construction of Xi'an replica ships for humans.
Khartu-AlNoxNox KueSan'tok.yāi Edit
Argo Astronautics Manufacturer of small utility vessels.
Argo MoleArgo Mole Carbon EditionArgo Mole Talus EditionMPUV CargoMPUV PersonnelSRV Edit
Banu (ship manufacturer) Banu manufacturer known for building the Merchantman.
Banu DefenderMerchantman Edit
Consolidated Outland Manufacturer of low cost but good quality vessels like the Mustang.
Mustang AlphaMustang Alpha VindicatorMustang BetaMustang DeltaMustang GammaMustang OmegaPioneer Edit
Crusader Industries Crusader Industries mainly designs Genesis Starliner and other means of commercial transport, but also military thrusters.
Crusader Ares InfernoCrusader Ares IonGenesis StarlinerA2 HerculesC2 HerculesM2 HerculesMercury Star Runner Edit
Drake Interplanetary Renowned manufacturer for building outlaw vessels.
BuccaneerCaterpillarCaterpillar Best In Show EditionCaterpillar Pirate EditionCorsairCutlass BlackCutlass Black Best In Show EditionCutlass BlueCutlass RedDragonfly BlackDragonfly Star Kitten EditionDragonfly YellowjacketHeraldKrakenKraken PrivateerVulture Edit
Esperia Replica builders of Vanduul ships for humans.
BladeGlaiveProwler Edit
Kruger Intergalactic Kruger benefits from an agreement with Roberts Space Industries and produces parasitic ships which can be embarked on ships manufactured by Roberts Space Industries.
P-52 MerlinP72 ArchimedesP72 Archimedes Emerald Edit
Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern Manufacturer of reliable vessels mainly intended for industry but also traders and miners.
EndeavorFreelancerFreelancer DURFreelancer MAXFreelancer MISHull AHull BHull CHull DHull EProspectorRazorRazor EXRazor LXReliant KoreReliant MakoReliant SenReliant TanaStarfarerStarfarer Gemini Edit
Origin Jumpworks GmbH Manufacturer of high-end vessels, for a luxury clientele.
100i125a135c300i315p325a350r600i Explorer600i Executive-Edition 600i Touring85X890 JumpM50X1 BaseX1 ForceX1 Velocity Edit
Roberts Space Industries The first manufacturer to have created quantum motors, the manufacturer's ships are known to be versatile and reliable.
Apollo MedivacApollo TriageAurora CLAurora ESAurora LNAurora LXAurora MRConstellation AndromedaConstellation AquilaConstellation PhoenixConstellation Phoenix EmeraldConstellation TaurusMantisOrionPolaris Edit
Vanduul (ship manufacturer)
Scythe Edit
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