Ship weapons allow you to defend yourself and fight back when necessary, or simply attack a target in the galaxy, armament is the cornerstone of ship components. Pilots have a wide variety of weapons, each suited to a defined mission. From traditional ballistic cannons to neutron cannons and immense anti-capital ship torpedoes, Star Citizen spacecraft have impressive firepower at their disposal.

They are defined by three major criteria: Item type, Size and Grade.

Types of weapons

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Types Types
Ballistic Cannon A ballistic cannon is a blow-by-blow weapon with solid ammunition.
Ballistic Gatling The ballistic gatling is the ultimate solid ammunition interdiction weapon.
Ballistic Repeater The ballistic repeater has the undeniable advantage of almost never overheating.
Ballistic Scattergun
Distortion Cannon
Distortion Repeater
Distortion Scattergun
Laser Cannon A laser cannon is a blow-by-shot energy weapon with high impact power.
Laser Repeater A laser repeater is an energy weapon with a medium rate of fire.
Laser Scattergun Scattergun are the shotguns of spacecrafts.
Mass Driver Cannon The Mass driver cannon is the combination between a energy weapon and a ballistic weapon.
Neutron Cannon The neutron gun is the pinnacle of destruction.
Neutron Repeater
Plasma Cannon
Plasma Scattergun
Tachyon Cannon
Missile Missiles are self-propelled weaponry that are carried by missile racks and are categorized by tracking signal and size. Missile racks determine the amount and size a ship can carry.
Weapon Mount Weapon mounts, or gimbals, are installed between a ship weapon and a ship hardpoint allowing the weapon to be moved instead of being in a fixed position. Weapons installed on a weapon mount have to be of one level below the weapon mount, except for size 1 weapon mounts that can have weapons of the same size installed.

Sizes of weapons

Weapon sizes.jpg
Different weapon sizes
The size specifies the outer dimensions of a weapon, ships weapon hardpoints have a maximum size that sets a limit to what weapon can be installed.

Missile racks have a three digit designation, the first digit stands for the missile rack size, the second stands for the quantity of missiles that can be attached to it and the last for the missile size. Missile launchers can only have missiles sizes attached to it as specified it its designation.

Gimbal mounts share the same shape, but the maximum size weapon that can be installed depends on the size of the mount.

Grades of weapons

Currently all ship weapons are assigned grade 1.

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