Formation[edit | edit source]

Sataball was created during the later years of colonization efforts by Humanity (close to the Messer era), when colonist children found themselves with little to do while schools and the like were being constructed. As a prank, they began playing with the settings on the prefab colony building’s bug-stopper forcefields, the most common model being the SATA-IM, an acronym standing for Static Advanced Termination Arrester – Insect Model. They tweaked the SATA fields to be strong enough to knock cups and books out of people’s hands as they passed through. One day a ball was accidentally kicked towards a door, and the modified SATA field bounced the ball back to the child.

In short order, a few buildings were found with missing SATA fields. The parents discovered the children playing a new game out in an empty lot, and as it kept them out of trouble, quickly ordered more of the inexpensive SATA fields for the kids to modify and make more playing fields with.

It didn’t take long for adults to realize how fun the game could be, and visitors to the colonies brought back footage of an exciting new sport being born.

As with most new games, different colonies experimented with different methods of playing Sataball in the early days of its formation, before it was officially recognized as a sport. Through trial and error (not to mention a few mostly hilarious mishaps with the SATA fields), it was found that the addition of magnetic playing equipment enhanced the SATA field’s abilities to interact with both ball and players. The magnetic equipment could easily be made by salvaging electromagnets from broken down colony machines, so it was a natural addition to the fledgling sport.[1]

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