Road Maps given at the annual CitizenCon presentation. Also, for the latest Release Schedule for Star Citizen, visit this page on the official RSI-website.

CitizenCon 2014 [1]


CitizenCon 2014 Road Map

Late 2014
Arena Commander 1.0
2015 (Approximate Order)
- FPS module
- Planetside/Social Module Launch
- Arena Commander 2.0
- Squadron 42 Chapter One
- Planetside expands to Persistent Universe Alpha

CitizenCon 2014 Road Map (2)

Arena Commander 1.0
- Lobby System
- Major improvements to Broken Moon and Dying Star
- Big improvements to the New Horizon Speedway
- Major improvements to the missile and countermeasure gameplay loop
- New game mechanics
- Proximity warning improvements
- Major improvements to spectator and cinematic cameras
- New weapons and ship parts
- Leaderboard improvements

CitizenCon 2015 [2]


CitizenCon 2015 Road Map

SC Alpha 1.3.0
- Behring Ballistic Cannon S4
- Apocalypse Arms Mass Driver S2
- Additional Emotes
- Character Loadout Selector in Hangar
- ArcCorp Additions and Improvements
- Improved Elevator Interface
- Improved Chat
- Improved AR

CitizenCon 2015 Road Map (2)

- Functional Buggies
- Functional Respawn
- Multiplayer ArcCorp v2 (increased players per instance)
- Updated Hangar Lighting (SelfLand and Revel&York)
- Improbed Player Dead-Reckoning
- Map Specific Loading Screen
- Updated ArcCorp Screen Videos
- Animated Clouds

CitizenCon 2015 Road Map (3)

SC Alpha 2.0
- The beginning of the Persistent Universe... SC Alpha combines:
Space flight
EVA (Zero-Gravity)
- Large World Technology: A playable area of One Million Kilometers square and 200,000 Kilometers high!
- Multicrew Technology: Local Grids in Ship Interiors enable dynamic gameplay based on a real physics and a gravitational system
- Zone Streaming System: Seamless gameplay over huge areas with no loading screens!
- One small step for Star Citizen, one giant leap for Video Games...

CitizenCon 2015 Road Map (4)

What will we find there?
- The Planet Crusader: a massive gas giant the equivalent size of Jupiter and its three moons Cellin, Yela and Daymar
- Port Olisar: a large transit hub where you begin your adventure from one of the 64 "Bunk Rooms"
- Security Post Kareah: an unused Security Station that is now a hotly contested "data mine" for those willing to take the risk
- The Covalex Shipping Hub: a Logistic Station that recently suffered a catastrophic accident and has now become a derelict ghost station

CitizenCon 2015 Road Map (5)

- Several 'offline' Communication Arrays that were supposed to provide coverage for this region of space. Pirate activity is suspected
- Numerous Research Satellites that the Imperial Cartography Center use to look for new "Jump Points"
- Cry-Astro Service Platforms that will allow Players to re-arm, re-fuel and repair

CitizenCon 2016 [3]


CitizenCon 2016 Road Map

2.6 Progress Report
Game Play Updates
- Additional Star Marine features
- Updated Arena Commander
- Crusader map expanded content
- Lobby and Leaderboards totally refactored
- Flight Model rebalanced
Core Tech
- New Music Logic System
- Camera system updated for 3rd person
-'Stay in game' without going back to the lobby

CitizenCon 2016 Road Map (2)

Arena Commander
- New Virtual Ship customisation interface
- New Pirate Swarm arena
- Persistent Missiles
- Reload from pickups dropped by kills
- Full Scorung Rebalance
- Most ships now available for use in Private Matches

CitizenCon 2016 Road Map (3)

Star Marine
New Locations
- 'Station Damien' - Up to 4 vs 4
- 'Echo Eleven' - Up to 12 vs 12
Game Modes
- Deathmatch
- Control
New Content
- New Armor, Weapons and Grenades
- Tactical Visor (with Radar)
- Friendly player identification
- Looting system implemented
- Achievements and Ribbons

CitizenCon 2016 Road Map (4)

3.0 The Stanton System
Basic Professions
- Trading
- Cargo Transport
- Piracy and Smuggling
- Mercenary
- Bounty Hunter
Stanton System Roll Out
New Ships
- RSI Ursa Rover
- Drake Dragonfly
- Drake Caterpillar
- RSI Constellation Aquila

CitizenCon 2016 Road Map (5)

3.1 Mining & Refining
Refining and Processing
Quantum Interdiction
Additional Solar System Locations
New Ships
- Drake Cutlass Red & Blue
- Anvil Terrapin
- MISC Prospector
- Origin 85x
- AEGIS Reclaimer

CitizenCon 2016 Road Map (6)

3.2 Repair & Salvage
Mercenary - Covert Operations
Additional Solar System Locations
New Ships
- RSI Constellation Taurus
- RSI Constellation Phoenix
- AEGIS Vanguard Harbinger
- AEGIS Vanguard Sentinel

CitizenCon 2016 Road Map (7)

3.3 Farming & Rescue
Additional Solar System Locations
New Ships
- Anvil Carrack
- 890 Jump
- Banu Merchantman
- MISC Reliant - All Variants

CitizenCon 2016 Road Map (8)

4.0 Jump Points
Travel to multiple Star Systems
Exploration and Discovery
Science and Research
Additional Solar System Locations
New Ships
- RSI Orion
- Anvil Crucible


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