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The Revenant Gatling is a size 4 ballistic gatling manufactured by Apocalypse Arms.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. And if you want it broke, aim a Revenant at it. Solidly built on a foundation of centuries-old tech, Apocalypse Armsputs an innovative spin on battle-tested designs to create a rugged ballistic gatling that can steadily hurtle death across the void. Though it's slow to spin up and cool down, the Revenant's dependability makes it a favorite for those expecting to find trouble.

–In game description


Store name Price aUEC Location
Dumper's Depot (Port Olisar) 42,879 Port Olisar
Ship gun shop (Baijini Point) 42,950 Baijini Point
Ship gun shop (HUR-L3 Thundering Express Station) 42,950 HUR-L3 Thundering Express Station
Ship gun shop (HUR-L4 Melodic Fields Station) 42,950 HUR-L4 Melodic Fields Station

Equipped by default in

Compatible with

Ships and vehicles that can be outfitted with a  S  4 weapon.




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Patch history

  • Unknown date: Renamed from Revenant Ballistic Gatling to Revenant Gatling.