Retaliator Base
Retaliator landed cropped
ManufacturerAegis Dynamics
FocusVersatile Fighter
Maximum Crew6
Standalone Price150
Mass (empty)188,000 kg
Cargo Capacity128 Standard Cargo Units
Length71 m
Height12 m
Beam52 m
Upgrade Capacity [?]8
Max Power Plant Size [?]6
Factory Power PlantTyler Design D-Tech G33
Main Thrusters [?]2× TR5
Factory Engine2x ArcCorp Arc Duo 400 TR3
Max Shield [?]3
ShieldYorm Dual Guardian
Cooling System [?]2× (Size 2)[1]
HardpointsWeapons Systems
Class 4
(manned turret)
Klaus & Werner CF-007 Bulldog (S1)
Additional EquipmentFrigDrop R

The base version of the Retaliator Bomber, customizable with additional modules to fit your needs.

Official Description

Developer Comments and Quotes

Turret Positions

The Retaliator has turrets at the following locations: ventral (underneath), dorsal (top), tail, left and right beam / waist (side).[2]

[The Retaliator] is larger than the Constellation because it's covered in turrets and armor. The cargo is a hack, ripping out what should be a bomb delivery system and filling it with crates.

[There are] five turret emplacements, with some of them being dual turrets. Think a B-17, with twin guns on the chin/ventral/ball points and single waist guns. (... and there's a tail turret, I know...)

–Ben Lesnick[3]

Gun Systems AI

You'll absolutely be able to fly [the Retaliator] solo. The ships were all designed originally as single player craft and the extended multi-crew functionality came later as fans requested it. In the case of ships like the Retaliator, you will have AI systems that man the extra guns. Better AI systems mean more effective defense!

–Pete Mackey on September 6, 2013[4]

Official Designation

The official designation under the old UEE designation system was confirmed to be B4G[5] by David Haddock.

Civilian and Military Update

James Pugh: Ben, there is a debate about the civilian and military Retaliator. Can you tell us more about it?

Ben Lesnick: [...] We know that the debate exists. I think it all goes back to some confusing stats changes that I blame [a certain developer] for. It will be cleared up in the near future, [...] when you hear more about the Retaliator. The short answer is: No, you are not getting a Retaliator with nothing on it.

–James Pugh and Ben Lesnick on November 20, 2014[6]

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