The Referral program was announced and released at CitizenCon 2015 on October 10th, 2015.[1] It provides a referral code to existing RSI accounts which, when used on creation of a new account, rewards the new account with 5000 UEC and rewards and the referrer with various items, based on their number of recruits, if the new account which uses the referral code spends at least $40 at which point the account becomes a "recruit".[2] It is not possible to retroactively apply the code to an existing account.

The referral code and progress tracking can be found on the Roberts Space Industries website in My RSI > Settings > Referral Program.

Referral program rewards[edit | edit source]

Rank Recruitment Points Rewards
Title Recruiter.png Recruiter
Referral program Recruiter.jpg Badger and Badges
A series of UEE Squadron Badges for you and a K&W CF-227 Badger Repeater for your ship.
Title Private.png Private
Referral program Private.jpg Gimbals and Guns
Add fire power to your ship with two gimbal mounts and two K&W CF-117 Bulldog Repeater.
Title Corporal.png Corporal
Referral program Corporal.jpg Surf and Turf
Upgrade your hangar with a Greycat buggy and a stylish tank filled with exotic fish.
Title Sergeant.png Sergeant
Referral program Sergeant.jpg Gladius and Gold
Land your new Aegis Gladius next to this set of gold ship models celebrating some of the ’verse’s best: the Aurora, Constellation, Hornet, Avenger, & Freelancer.
Title Lieutenant.png Lieutenant
Referral program Lieutenant.jpg Arena Commander Racing Package
Feed your need for speed by permanently unlocking the 350R, M50, and Mustang Gamma in Arena Commander. Also includes 15,000 UEC.
Title Captain.png Captain
Referral program Captain.jpg Arena Commander Combat Package
Find your favorite fighter with permanent access to the Cutlass Black, Hornet, Avenger, & Aurora LN in Arena Commander. Also includes 30,000 UEC.
Title Major.png Major
Referral program Major.jpg Speed Racer
Get your heart-- and your ship-- racing with the cutting edge power of the Misc Razor.
Title LtColonel.png Lt. Colonel
Referral program Lt. Colonel.jpg Dog Fighter
Maneuver in and out of combat with the Vanduul armada’s lightest fighter: the Blade.
Title Colonel.png Colonel
Referral program Colonel.jpg Ready For Battle
Soar into battle with the ship reserved for the Vanduul elite: the Glaive. Warning: This ship is for experienced combat pilots.
Title BrigadierGeneral.png Brigadier General
Referral program Brigadier General.jpg Anvil Ship Package
Pair the defensive strength of the Anvil Terrapin with the aggressive punch of the Hurricane in this two-ship reward.
Title MajorGeneral.png Major General
Referral program Major General.jpg Million Mile High Club Access
Party at the trendiest club in the ‘verse. The Million Mile High Club is an exclusive, in-game facility for the most dedicated Star Citizen fans.
Title LtGeneral.png Lt. General
Referral program Lt. General.jpg Star Crossing
Voyage across the ‘verse in commanding fashion with the Aegis Javelin, one of the UEE Navy’s premier warships.

Past referral rewards[edit | edit source]

Alpha 3.12 Referral Bonus[edit | edit source]

Completing a referral between 17. December 2020 to 11. January 2021 was rewarded with one Dragonfly Black with Lifetime Insurance for the recruiter and the recruited backer. The recruiter received the reward immediately and the new recruit after the promotion was over. This Alpha 3.12 Referral Bonus is non-meltable and non-giftable, and is a additional reward to the regular referral program.[3]

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References[edit | edit source]

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