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If you are a new citizen, please go to this page (replacement for this obsolete and no longer running reddit post) to get a referral code for 5000 UEC, if you are an existing citizen, you are welcome to leave your referral code there as well. This makes sure everyone have an equal chance.

The referral program was announced and released at CitizenCon 2015 on October 10th, 2015.[1] It provides a referral code to existing RSI accounts which, when used on creation of a new account, rewards the new account with 5000 UEC and rewards the referrer with various items.[2]


  • The referral code and progress tracking can be found in My RSI > Settings > Referral Program
  • There is no way to retroactively apply the code to an existing account.
  • The code can be directly linked to the enlistment page by adding: /enlist?referral=YourCodeHere directly after the main website domain.
  • The new account which uses the referral code will be considered a "prospect" until it spends at least $40 at which point the account becomes a "recruit." Referrers gain rewards based on their number of recruits (RP - Referral Points)
  • The $40 must be backed and paid with the new account. Gifting from another account to the new account will not count towards the $40 threshold. Nor will purchases made with gift cards.
  • After backing, the recruit can exchange their items for store credit without changing their status back to "prospect."
  • Rewards are non-giftable(Locked to the account) and cannot be exchanged for store credit.



(As of December 25th, 2015)

Referral program

(As of May 4th, 2019)

There are more referral rewards to come.


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