Four Horsemen Final
ManufacturerAegis Dynamics
Primary FocusGunship
Secondary FocusBoarding
Maximum Crew1 pilot, 2 gunners, 4-6 operators[1]
Standalone Price$250[2]
Mass (empty)42.000 Kg [3]
Cargo Capacity24 Standard Cargo Units[4]


12 Standard Cargo Units (with Marines)
Length37.5 m [3]
Height11 m [3]
Beam19.5 m [3]
Upgrade Capacity [?]10 [1]
Max Power Plant Size [?]6 [3]
Factory Power PlantYorm SWIFT_D-12 (S5, Q2, HD/HO)[3]
Main Thrusters [?]TR5 [3]
Factory EngineAegis Dynamics VectorLock Nacelle (TR5, Q2, HE/HO)[3]
Maneuvering Thrusters [?]12× TR2 [3]
Factory Maneuvering Thrusters12× Aegis Dynamics Winnowing D2 [3]
Max Shield [?]6 [3]
HardpointsWeapons Systems
Class 12x (2x S2) – 2x Omnisky IV Laser Cannon} [5]
Class 32× (5x S4) – 2× (5x Talon ASIM-20/c Stalker V per rack))[5]
Class 41 × (pilot’s controlled turret – two class 1 mounts, size 3); 2 × (Unmanned twin turret (flanks) (2x S4) – 2x Kroneg FL-33 (S4)) [5]
Class 52 × (two manned twin turrets, top and bottom, 2x size3 each)[5]
Additional EquipmentMarine compartment[source?]

The Aegis Dynamics Redeemer was chosen as the first place winner of The Next Great Starship competition.[6]

This gunship is designed to be capable of performing both frontline assault tasks as well as boarding tasks. Equipped with strong shielding and a plethora of weapon systems, this ship can engage a wide range of enemies and start to board larger enemy vessels or space stations after it has broken through the enemies defense perimeter.

As this ship is heavily focused on combat, it is more efficient in that task than ships like the Constellation, which is larger and less agile for equal or lesser combat ability. The drawback for such a focus is a reduced multi-purpose ability and thus, the Redeemer only supports a small cargo bay.

This ship features two turrets that can be manned with either NPCs or real players.



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