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Pyro RYT “Ghost” Multi-Tool from Greycat Industrial is a gadget that can be used with a variety of attachments to perform certain tasks, such as cutting or mining. The Ghost edition of the multi-tool was released in June 2020 as a Centurion subscriber reward and can only be obtained through the subscriber store.[1]

The Pyro from Greycat Industrial is a pistol-sized power tool for the modern space engineer that is capable of charging, cutting and patching; achieving a multitude of uses thanks to its wide assortment of attachments. Perfect for making a tough job a little bit easier.

–In game description


Name Type Size
Multi-tool Healing Attachment Healing 1
Multi-tool Salvage Attachment Salvaging 1
OreBit Mining Attachment Mining 1
OxyTorch Cutter Attachment Cutting 1
Pyro RYT Multi-Tool Battery Battery 1
TruHold Tractor Beam Attachment Tractor Beam 1




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