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The Public Test Universe is "a version of the game that offers experimental versions of upcoming patches".[1] It offers a voluntary way for backers to access the most up-to-date patch developments and features. On it's release the PTU offers players an early version of Arena Commander 1.01 patch. The RSI website urges only backers who aren't of "the faint of heart" to participate as there are will be many bugs and crashes in the PTU patches. The PTU is a temporary access program and they will be utilizing it when needed by Cloud Imperium's team of programmers.


  • January 19th 2015 - February 20th 2015

Instructions for Accessing PTU

Public Test Universe Account Copy screen.

Step One: Copy your RSI account to the PTU. Go to your My RSI area, select settings and then access Public Test Universe to begin this process. This will copy all of your account settings, pledges and configuration data to the PTU version of the RSI environment. You will then receive an email with a new password and additional instructions.

Public Test Universe successful account copy message.

Step Two: Open the Star Citizen launcher, log in with your existing RSI account.

Step Three: Access the Settings area of the Star Citizen launcher (the cog at the top) and locate the Game Channel list.

Step Four: Select ‘Public Test Universe’ in the Game Channel list and then close the settings page.

Step Five: Log out of the Launcher, then log back in using the new password in the email generated by Step One. Reverse this process to switch back to the standard release channel.[1]


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