MISC Prospector

ManufacturerMusashi Industrial & Starflight Concern
Primary FocusMining
Secondary FocusProspecting
Maximum Crew1
Standalone Price$140
Mass (empty)48,956kg
Cargo Capacity128
Height7 m
Beam15 m
Max Power PlantTBA
Max Power Plant Size [?]TBA
Factory Power PlantTBA
Top Speed?
Main Thrusters [?]2x TR3
Factory EngineTBD
Maneuvering Thrusters [?]2x TR2, 10x TR1
Factory Maneuvering Thrusters?
Max Shield [?]?
ShieldComing Soon[1]
Additional Equipment?

Official Description

This 2947 MISC Prospector features a durable hull and four centrally located side saddle storage containers to provide a compact profile for traveling through precarious areas of space. Anyone who has excavated asteroids knows that maintaining a stable position is essential, so MISC improved the VTOL thrusters with technology from our exclusive Xi’An partnership to make them strong enough to ensure your ship stays exactly where it needs to be when snagging those small chunks of precious rock, but sensitive enough to skillfully navigate through dense clusters.

The improvements don’t just stop there. Underneath the ship, an upgraded scanner offers a wider search area than ever before without having to change position, while the award-winning retractable mining laser has been modified to help you find and extract ores from previously hard to reach places.

Yet even with these latest upgrades, the Prospector stays true to the ship design that Whitley’s called “streamlined and efficient.” Bottom line, this mining craft only has exactly what it needs: top of the line hull design, high tech scanning and retrieval equipment, four large storage containers, and one seat just waiting for you.

Get a 2947 MISC Prospector today and see what independent miners have been raving about!



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