The power plant (or engine) of a ship is generating power by burning fuel, such as antimatter[1]. The powerplant is the power source for all powered ship component systems. Fusion powered reactors are reactors that use hydrogen as a fuel. This hydrogen is also used as propellant for the thrusters.[2]

List of Power Plants

  • Alliance Startech KS-9 (Aurora ES)
  • Alliance Startech KS-9 Enhanced (Aurora MR)
  • Juno Starwerk Endurance 300 (Aurora CL)
  • A&R LR-5 Max OverDrive (Aurora LN & LX)
  • ACOM StarHeart III (300I)
  • Alliance Startech K3S-9 (315P)
  • Wei-Tek VHT2 Plus (325A)
  • ACOM StarHeart IV (350R)
  • Ace Astrogation FusionPro 3H III (F7A Hornet)
  • Lightning Powerbolt (F7C Hornet, F7C-R Hornet)
  • Sakura Sun Light Blossom 6HE8A (F7C-S Hornet Ghost)
  • A&R LR-7 ULTRA OverDrive (F7C-M Super Hornet)
  • MaxNet Powerfountain 2+ (Avenger)
  • Groupe Nouveau Paradigme Etoile-00 (Freelancer)
  • Wei-Tek HFR2 Plus (Constellation)
  • ACOM StarLight II (P-52 Merlin)


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