The universe consists of an infinity of celestial bodies, of which the most known and sought after are the planets. The latter themselves are divided into different types, all of which have their own particularities, sometimes fatal. The pictorial table below is made up of all the types of planets that can be encountered in the Star Citizen universe.

Carbon planet.png
Carbon planet
Chthonian planet.png
Chthonian planet
Coreless planet.png
Coreless planet
Desert planet.png
Desert planet
Dwarf planet.png
Dwarf planet
Gas dwarf.png
Gas dwarf
Gas giant.png
Gas giant
Ice giant.png
Ice giant
Ice planet.png
Ice planet
Iron planet.png
Iron planet
Lava planet.png
Lava planet
Ocean planet.png
Ocean planet
Planetary moon.png
Planetary moon
Puffy planet.png
Puffy planet
Smog planet.png
Smog planet
Super jupiter.png
Super Jupiter
Terrestrial rocky.png
Terrestrial rocky

Unique planet types[edit | edit source]

Artificial planet.png
Artificial planet
Evaporating planet.png
Evaporating planet
Rogue planet.png
Rogue planet
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