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Experience the Star Citizen Alpha universe. Join your friends, visit space stations, execute contracts, all in a persistent expanding universe.

The Persistent Universe is the multiplayer environment and main place of action of Star Citizen, the instance system during the alpha stage of development allows to play with up to 50 players. It was initially made available to the public on 12th December 2015 with the release of the patch Alpha 2.0.0. Players can engage in PVP Combat, carry out a contracts or simply explore the universe.

It is currently limited to the Stanton system, except for the planet Crusader that is announced to be released in Alpha 3.14.0.



Every star system inhabits a variety of planets, moons, space stations and other stellar objects free to explore.

Space combat

PVP and PVE combat can be held at any point in the universe except for Armistice Zones that are typically around cities, space stations and outposts. Planets and moons and the space surrounding them are monitored by communications arrays, committing crimes such as destruction of vehicles or homicide can result in a Crime Stat.


A variety of mission from simple, delivering of packages from a start to a and point, searching of missing persons to more challenging tasks like aiding help to a ship that was boarded by pirates, for more details visit the Contracts portal.


With the release of patch Alpha 3.8.2 long term persistence has been enabled, that will save character inventory, position and status of ships not only between sessions but also in between major patch iterations, except if the release of a new patch makes a database reset inevitable.





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