The Pegasus-class Escort Carrier is a promised feature of the $15 million crowdfunding goal[3][4] and is being made by Squadron 42 team.[5]

Developer Notes

Designer Update

A wiki edit on June 12, 2014 (carrying Squadron 42 developer Mike Northeast's name in the edit comments) clarified that senior designer Chris Parry is developing the Pegasus Escort Carrier.[source?]

Manufacturer Update

Developer Robbie.Elms indicated that Roberts Space Industries was the Pegasus Escort Carrier's manufacturer, on July 16, 2014.[6]

Name Change Update

As of December 19th, 2014 the Panther was renamed Pegasus.

Please welcome the Pegasus-class Escort Carrier to the ranks of the UEE Navy! The Pegasus-class is the Empire’s premiere small carrier, capable of carrying a thirty-craft strike force deep behind enemy lines if necessary. The Pegasus (formerly the Panther) is currently being grey-boxed by the team at Foundry 42… and in honor of the holiday livestream, they are sharing these first images of the ship’s exterior!

–Introducing the Pegasus Escort Carrier[2]



Historically, naval escort carriers were "light aircraft carriers" about 1/3 the size of their full-sized cousins. Escort carriers were used by Japan, the US and Great Britain during WWII.[7]


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