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Star Citizen – Patch V0.9

Star Citizen Patch V0.8.5 • • • • • List of Patches • • • • • Star Citizen Patch V0.9.0.1

September 12, 2014

Star Citizen Patch V0.9[1]


  • Added Cooperative Vanduul Swarm game mode
  • Added Classic Race game mode
  • Added Private Matches
  • Added Friend Codes
  • M50 is now Arena Commander Ready
  • 350r is now Arena Commander Ready
  • Added New Horizons Speedway level
  • New Hangars:
    • Discount is now Self Land
    • Business is now Aeroview
    • Deluxe is now Revel & York
    • Addition of VFG Industrial Asteroid Hangar
  • Added backend support for Leaderboards
  • Added ability to boost maneuvering thrusters by consuming fuel
  • Additional controls for Six Degrees of Freedom in both coupled/decoupled mode
  • Added various control schemes
  • Added fuel gauge to HUD of all ships
  • Greatly improved pilot g-force animations
  • Added scalable directional pilot animations for hit impacts
  • New game/pause menu
  • Updated and improved a plethora of sound effects
  • Added sounds for catwalk doors
  • Updated countermeasure sounds
  • Added response sound for hitting target
  • Updated Character Animations
  • New Sound effects for Vanduul wave spawns
  • New ship flight sounds
  • Updated Aurora paint jobs
  • Updated 300-series paint jobs
  • Added lead target indicators
  • Added sound effect for failed missile lock
  • Added sound effect for hit confirmation
  • Fixed a multitude of ships bugs for hangar ships
  • Double tapping throttle up/down on gamepad and keyboard sets throttle to full/zero
  • Added spectator cam after you are destroyed
  • Added support for Track IR
  • Added support for players to select their active hangar on the website
  • Updated HUD, revamped HUD controls, and greatly improved functionality
  • Added slight head movement to look where you are flying


  • Increased top speed of ships to previous max boost speed
  • Afterburners now increase thruster power instead of top speed
  • Removed automatic lead shooting by ITTS. Training wheels are off.
  • Rebalanced all weapons
  • Improved weapon damage due to ITTS changes
  • Improved weapon heat dissipation
  • Boosting now overrides G-Safe
  • Improved control sensitivity for finer control on joysticks and thumbsticks.
  • Revised shield recharge rates and health
  • Revised health of all ships and their discrete pieces
  • Throttle now proportional to acceleration for more precise throttle control on gamepad and keyboard
  • Revised missile speed, damage, and signature requirements for lock
  • Updated flight performance characteristics for all ships
  • Balanced energy consumption on weapons and items better.
  • Updated and improved art and visual effects in Broken Moon and Dying Star
  • Improved AI flight behavior


  • Sound no longer plays while the loading screen is still active
  • CTC Core radar icon changed to be more visible
  • Fixed an issue where targeting reticles were still present after target died
  • Fixed the performance issues with CTC Cores
  • Fixed orientation of targeted ships on HUD
  • Respawn message no longer shows when you eject on your final life in Vanduul Swarm
  • Loading of ship hud no longer cancels lock-ons
  • Memory optimizations for sound
  • Missiles no longer pass through geometry
  • Various Animation and IK fixes
  • Freelancer door animation fixes
  • Fixed an issue with the crab escaping its tank and wandering out of the hangar
  • Fixed missing textures
  • Fixed up ejection issues
  • Fixed misaligned decals on ships
  • Various crash fixes
  • Fixed issue where player was able to exit ship while respawning
  • Fixed an issue where player would sometimes die immediately when spawning during Free Flight or Vanduul Swarm
  • Lighting adjustments
  • Fixed a lot of animation issues throughout
  • Fixed an issue with players falling through elevators
  • Fixed an issue with character appearing to fall after loading
  • Fixed camera angle issues in third person
  • Fixed character missing eyes in some situations
  • Fixed issues with audio cutting out
  • Fixed collision issues with walls
  • Console no longer displays user information such as username
  • Adjusted landing pad to be easier to land on
  • Fixed various server crashes
  • Track IR adjustments
  • Fixed issue where 300i could sometimes fail to eject the player
  • Fixed 325a control panels missing
  • Enabled Hornet volume trail
  • Fixed avenger geometry, animation, and texture issues
  • Fixed collision on the Cutlass

Fixed issues with damage states and visual effects[]

  • Fixed a potential security issue present when accessing the console
  • Fixed various issues with throttle and stick pilot animations in the Hornet
  • Fixed an issue where the Aurora’s cockpit camera was cutting off important HUD information

Known Issues[]

  • New Hangars are limited to the amount of ships that can be displayed
  • You cannot select which ships will be displayed in your Hangar
  • Non-Dogfight Hornets appear overly shiny
  • The large Hangar doors in Revel & York drop out of view at certain distances
  • Idris does not spawn in Hangar
  • Arena Commander menu clips through the M50 canopy after boarding the ship
  • 350R pilots have a slight chance of spawning into race mode with broken wrists
  • The Hornet can throttle to 100% and boost to max speed even after its main engine has been destroyed
  • Players receive a “You died” message and are forced to respawn after launching Free Flight
  • Numerous locations with z-fighting on ships and hangars
  • Numerous minor collision issues in ships and hangars
  • Numerous locations in hangars where graphics will drop out at a distance
  • Some weapons and components are missing information in the holo table
  • Some weapons and components are showing one sided polygons in the holo table
  • 300i variants cannot use their beds
  • Avenger bed cannot be used
  • Oculus Rift only works in Vehicle seats
  • The Arena Commander menu in the Aurora Legionnaire, Aurora CL, Aurora MR and Aurora ES are really low down in the cockpit and hard to read
  • No Hornet variants have Arena Commander menus
  • The overdrive / boost bar does not work in the m50 or the 300i
  • Unable to change the power-triangle / priority in the 350R
  • Issue regarding CIG2 keyboard settings
  • In Race Mode if the player crashes towards the front of the starting grid, they will respawn underneath the hangar
  • The 17th checkpoint ring currently does not display in the Murray Cup – Defford Link level.


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