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The Osiris system is a small single star system featuring only two planets orbiting a orange dwarf. The system is protected by the Fair Chance Act, and the OB Kobold serves as a observation platform to study the development of the sentient species on Etos. But although Etos is technically protected, little is done to guard the planet from poachers or other criminals who use it as a base.[1]

Osiris was one of the first systems protected under the Fair Chance Act. Discovered shortly before the Massacre of Garron II, the system wasn't properly explored until after the Messer Regime fell. When native life was found on Etos (Osiris I) the FCA was swiftly put to use. While the system's inner reaches are off limits, an observation station exist near Osiris I.

–ARK Starmap




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Osiris II

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Osiris Belt Alpha

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OB Kobold




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