Origin Jumpworks is a ship manufacturer known for their expensive ships. It is described as the BMW of the Star Citizen universe. To some, an Origin ship is a status symbol. Origin ships usually get numbers instead of names.

Location[edit | edit source]

New Austin, Terra[1]

Postal address[edit | edit source]

Origin Jumpworks GmbH
Marketing Dept.
3245 N 467th Street
Terra Prime, Terra

History[edit | edit source]

Origin Jumpworks was incorporated during the Glowing Age in Cologne, Germany, and was originally a producer of high-quality fusion engines for other ship manufacturers. However, after a decade of engine production, in 2889 the company moved to ship production, and the Lang brothers constructed the prototype of the X3, Origin's first starship[2]. The initial 200 and 300 series were first revealed in 2899.

For the first two decades of Origin's existence, it had strong ties to earth. However, in 2913, company president Jennifer Friskers moved corporate headquarters and the primary design team to New Austin on Terra. Manufacturing has since been outsourced, with only an engine testing facility remaining on Earth's moon.[1] Origin has a strict anti-piracy policy, with the company spending billions to counter piracy, and refusing sales of 300 series ships to known pirates attempting to purchase craft from Origin in person.

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