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The Nyx system consists of three planets orbiting an yellow-white dwarf and two asteroid belts. Nyx I and Nyx II close to the star inside the green band and Nyx III is behind the asteroid belt Glaciem Ring far outside of the green band. The most distinct aspect of the Nyx system are the many jump points near the star.

Discovered in 2582, the Nyx System was left unclaimed by the UEE after deciding its three planets were not terraforming candidates and an attempt to mine the dense Glaciem Ring were deemed to dangerous. In 2618, a group of political activists and refugees, fleeing the Messer regime, moved into a vacated mining facility located in Delamar, a moon-sized asteroid deep within the system's asteroid belt.

–ARK Starmap


Nyx was discovered in 2582 during the height of the newly-formed United Empire of Earth’s territorial expansion.

The system was first charted through a jump point in the Stanton System by solo navjumper Carla Larry. Carla’s official claim doesn’t specify much of interest in the system, writing that it “lacks significant mineral deposits or logical reason to apply the expense of terraformation.”

Larry did make an attempt to formally name the star’s three worlds Lou, Morgan and Ashley, apparently after three separate romantic conquests she was pursuing. As per normal policy, the UEE government has never recognized these names, and they have never been widely used. Whether the system’s intrepid discoverer was able to impress any of their namesakes is lost to history.

In the last two centuries, Nyx has gained some additional utility as a waypoint on the Castra-Stanton run, with a significant credit value of cargo moving through the system at any one time. Small scale piracy is not uncommon, buoyed by the system’s nebula, and travelers are warned not to veer off the standard spacelanes during transit of the system.[1]



Travel information[]

While Levski’s airlocks are open to visitors, they do ask that guests abide by the code of rules and morals that they’ve established or risk the resident’s ire. As the signs that greet all those that land on Delemar say, “Even if you disagree with us, you will respect our right to life.”


Nyx I

Nyx I is a coreless world that has been mined clean.

Nyx II

A high-pressure atmosphere and thick clouds of acid and carbon dioxide make Nyx II not worth terraforming.


Nyx III is an ice giant that lacks a breathable atmosphere or any valuable minerals.

Stellar objects[]


Levski is a former mining facility built into the asteroid Delamar. Glaciem Ring

Glaciem Ring is on the end of the green band and separates the star from Nyx III.

Keeger Belt

A asteroid belt on the far end of the star system.

Space stations[]

  • None




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