Nul is a Classical Cepheid star first discovered in 2290, a yellow supergiant that pulsates (swelling 10-15% in size and luminosity) approximately every few months. Due to the variable nature of the star, attempts to terraform have not been successful, so the system was simply abandoned by the UEE and for centuries lay empty.

The main planet in the system is Ashana, a primarily desert world which is the fifth planet from the star. Its principal landing zone is located in the Olympus, a UEE carrier which crashed on the planet in 2571 when pursuing fugitives due Ashana's dangerously high gravity. The former carrier is now inhabited by Tevarin refugees, with facilities including mechanics, fuel sales, trade facilities, and a weapons dealership. A bar, the Dark Sun, has been set up on the former carrier's bridge.[2]

There is also reputed to be a slave market operating in the system.[3]



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