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Last update: Alpha 3.15.0

New Deal is a ship and ground vehicle dealer located at Teasa Spaceport in Lorville on the planet Hurston. It features a small indoor and a large, glass-covered outdoor exhibition area.



Name Type Size Price aUEC
100i Starter / Touring Small 654,000
125a Starter / Light Fighter Small 791,000
85X Touring Snub 574,500
890 Jump Touring Capital 32,294,500
Aurora CL Light Freight Small 487,600
Aurora ES Pathfinder Small 124,100
Aurora LN Light Fighter Small 338,400
Aurora LX Pathfinder Small 245,500
Aurora MR Light Fighter Small 184,900
Avenger Stalker Interdiction Small 882,200
Avenger Titan Light Freight Small 785,600
Avenger Warlock Interdiction Small 1,155,500
Buccaneer Interdiction Small 1,410,100
Caterpillar Transport Large 4,686,600
Constellation Andromeda Medium Freight / Gun Ship Large 3,548,000
Constellation Aquila Expedition Large 4,926,700
Constellation Phoenix Touring Large 5,658,800
Constellation Taurus Touring Large 3,256,400
Cutlass Black Medium Fighter / Medium Freight Medium 1,385,300
Cutlass Blue Interdiction Medium 2,493,500
Cutlass Red Medical Medium 1,810,500
Eclipse Stealth Bomber Medium 3,490,000
Freelancer Medium Freight Medium 1,697,600
Freelancer DUR Expedition Medium 1,967,600
Freelancer MAX Medium Freight Medium 2,181,500
Freelancer MIS Gun Ship Medium 2,537,800
Gladius Light Fighter Small 1,169,900
Hammerhead Heavy Gun Ship Large 12,459,900
Herald Medium Data Small 1,181,100
M2 Hercules Starlifter Transport Military Large 5,225,300
M50 Racing Small 1,193,800
Mantis Military, Stealth Small 1,230,000
MOLE Prospecting and Mining Medium 5,130,500
MPUV Cargo Light Freight Snub 224,200
MPUV Personnel Passenger Snub 233,000
Mustang Alpha Cargo Small 251,400
Mustang Beta Pathfinder Small 404,000
Nomad Light Freight Small 952,800
Prospector Prospecting and Mining Small 2,061,000
Razor Racing Small 1,761,200
Razor EX Stealth Small 1,878,800
Razor LX Luxury Small 1,823,800
Reclaimer Heavy Salvage Large 15,126,400
Retaliator Bomber Heavy Bomber Large 4,031,700
Reliant Kore Starter / Light Freight Small 744,700
Reliant Mako Reporting Small 780,000
Reliant Sen Light Science Small 840,000
Reliant Tana Light Fighter Small 870,000
Sabre Stealth Fighter Small 2,183,300
Starfarer Heavy Refueling Large 6,651,500
Starfarer Gemini Heavy Refueling Large 6,191,500
Vanguard Harbinger Bomber Medium 2,050,500
Vanguard Hoplite Dropship Medium 3,104,200
Vanguard Sentinel Interdiction Medium 2,012,200
Vanguard Warden Heavy Fighter Medium 3,387,800

Ground vehicles

Name Type Price aUEC
Ballista Military 364,500
Cyclone Exploration / Recon 28,086
Cyclone-AA 28,086
Cyclone-RC 28,086
Cyclone-RN 28,086
Cyclone-TR 28,086
Dragonfly Black 272,700
Nova Combat 546,027
ROC Mining 172,000
ROC-DS Mining 176,500
Ursa Rover Exploration 70,267





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