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New Babbage is a city on microTech in the Stanton system. The city is built from several interconnected domes and buildings due to the permanent icy outside temperatures, which are the result of the unsuccessful terraforming attempt. As of Alpha 3.14.0 the high speed public transport system connects three stations and a fourth during conventions.

A terraforming error left the planet with an unnaturally dense cloud cover and a colder than average climate making it an ideal location for owner microTech to house its heat-sensitive computing and manufacturing centers.

–ARK Starmap



New Babbage transit map

New Babbage is divided into multiple districts each themed for a primary purpose, such as: trade, accommodation or wellness.

Aspire Grand[]

Aspire Grand is a non-commercial district of New Babbage, the Nest Apartments and the Brentworth Care Center are located there.


The Commons is a small sports and fitness area that also features a Ellroy's, Garcia's Greens and Twyn's Sandwiches. And it also has transitions to the promenade and the plaza.


The Plaza is the main commercial and business hub of New Babbage, prominently featuring microTech's flagship store in the center.

Businesses at the plaza

Offices at the plaza

  • Calliope Office Suite 01
    • M&R Group
    • Radford & Yang LLC.
    • Sheraton Reserach
    • SOPH Financial
  • Calliope Office Suite 02
    • Bolke Schneidereit Holdings
    • Campbell Ind. Sanders
    • Etheridge Associates
    • Hill Ditch Excavations
  • Calliope Office Suite 03
    • RASP
    • Zuylen Foundation
    • Leaky Logistics
    • Incredifun Adventures
  • Euterpe Office Suit 04
    • Endless Media
    • Undone Studios
    • Maribo Computational Technologies
    • Lukas Softworks
  • Euterpe Office Suit 05
    • Glide Free Entertainment
    • Kirkham Endowment
    • Marsden Analytics
    • Spark Freak
  • Euterpe Office Suit 06
    • C&K Publishing
    • Johansson Architectural Design
    • Kooper Chemical Solution
  • Calliope Lounge
  • Euterpe Lounge
  • Shubin Interstellar Contractor Services
  • Shubin Interstellar Lounge


Wally's Bar in the promenade

The Promenade is a wellness district that prominently features Wally's Bar in the center. In the upper floor above it are two restaurants, Whammer's and Oza), a Aparelli clothing boutique, a Lily Monte Salon and a Thaw Luxury Spa. Various healthcare and wellness providers also maintain their office in the Care and Wellness Center.

Care and Wellness Center

  • Bode Well Healing
  • Dammrau Rehabiliatation
  • iKetel Personal Training
  • Vetoreti Lifestyle Consultants
  • Medifront:
    • Dr. Cornet K.D.
    • Dr. Katto J.T.R.
    • Dr. Sichterman J.T.R.

New Babbage Interstellar Spaceport[]

New Babbage Interstellar Spaceport is a spaceport located in the mountains just outside of New Babbage. The rental company Regal Luxury Rentals is located at the spaceport.

Tobin Expo Center[]

Tobin Expo Center is a multifunctional congress center that features one main hall with four adjacent rooms. It was first opened for the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2950.

Public transportation[]

The MT Metroloop serves 3 stations in New Babbage. The Tobin Expo Center station is only available during events.

  • Aspire Grand
  • New Babbage Interstellar Spaceport
  • Commons
  • Tobin Expo Center (during events)





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Patch history[]

  • May 1, 2020 - Alpha 3.9.0: Added New Babbage interiors.
  • December 21, 2019 - Alpha 3.8.0: Added New Babbage exterior.