Murray Cup Racing League (MCRL)[edit | edit source]

"For decades, the Murray Cup has been the pinnacle of astro-engineering and piloting." -- Marco Verender, MCRL Commissioner

The Murray Cup is the premier starship racing series in the UEE. The series was established in 2479 by Amon Murray, a small-time criminal and gambler, who established the Cup in order to bring more racers into the system, augmenting the amateur races which were already taking place, thus increasing his bookmaking earnings.

The First Series[edit | edit source]

The winner of the first Murray Cup was Ian Rikkord, a hobbyist engineer and terraformer who beat Ella Nero, a veteran Navy test pilot, in the final race to secure victory.

MCR Rules[edit | edit source]

The MCRL features two divisions, known informally as Tortoise and Hare. The Tortoise division is armed racing, and an assortment of hard-ammo and energy based weapons are permitted as well as missiles and mines; while the Hare is unarmed, pure racing. For either division, there are ship regulations, and as such ships must be certified by MCRL officials before they are allowed into the series.

MCRL prototypes

Qualification for the Murray Cup Championship[edit | edit source]

The MCRL requires participants to qualify from second tier races (known as 'regulation' races) over the course of a qualifying season. Only participants finishing in the top three of regulation races earn points towards qualification, with winners receiving three points, down to one point for third place. A minimum of twenty points is required for qualification to a round one race in the MCRL; these points are 'cashed in' on participation in the MCRL. As points are earned by the pilot, rather than the ship, pilots are permitted to switch ships between different qualifying races.

MCRL Museum[edit | edit source]

The MCRL Museum is located in the city of Aydo on Green (Ellis III)

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