MicroTech also known as (Stanton IV), is home to the MicroTech Corporation.


Stanton IV is a large and generally cold super-Earth. The temperature is the result of an error during the UEE terraforming process, which lead to unusually dense cloud production. MicroTech produces MobiGlas here, a now-standard piece of digital assistive technology used by nearly anyone traveling off-world. Although MobiGlas has become ubiquitous, MicroTech specializes in all forms of electronics, including those found in ship systems. This world is a good place to start looking for advanced sensor technologies which could provide an edge while dogfighting. Space on the world is leased to smaller companies, including some of MicroTech’s competitors … probably because it allows the corporation to keep a close eye on them. Buyouts among successful Stanton I-based startups are common. Visitors are advised to seek work and cargo news at Wally’s Bar; just don’t ask for Wally.


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