Mars is an inhabited planet in the Sol system. It is the first planet terraformed by mankind.

Colonization historyEdit

  • 2113: Terraforming technology patented.[1]
  • Years before 2120: Simulations and tests were run for converting Mars to a habitable planet.[2]
  • 2120: Teams of surveyors chart the planet, find best spots for atmospheric processors.[2]
  • 2125, probably September 13th, 04:38 EST: All 4876 workers on mars died during the final stages of terraforming. A miscalculation in the atmospheric processors made the atmosphere unstable. Suddenly it could no longer sustain oxygen. No one of the Martian population was wearing their breathing apparatus.[3]
  • 2157: Mars is officially classified as an oxygen-sustaining environment. A memorial is built to honor those killed in the Mars Tragedy.[4]



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