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The MSD-442 Missile Rack is a size 4 missile rack that can hold a total of four size 2 missiles.

Behring's MSD-442 "Marsden" is a complete ordnance storage and deployment system that can be mounted on any compatible size 4 hardpoint for the reliable and effective launch of four S2 missiles.


Store name Price aUEC Location
CenterMass (Area18) 938 Area18
CenterMass (New Babbage) 938 New Babbage
Dumper's Depot (Area18) 900 Area18
Dumper's Depot (Grim HEX) 900 Grim HEX
Dumper's Depot (Port Olisar) 900 Port Olisar
Ship weapons store (Baijini Point) 900 Baijini Point
Ship weapons store (CRU-L5 Beautiful Glen Station) 900 CRU-L5 Beautiful Glen Station
Ship weapons store (HUR-L2 Faithful Dream Station) 900 HUR-L2 Faithful Dream Station
Ship weapons store (HUR-L3 Thundering Express Station) 900 HUR-L3 Thundering Express Station
Ship weapons store (HUR-L4 Melodic Fields Station) 900 HUR-L4 Melodic Fields Station

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Ships and vehicles that can be outfitted with a  S  4 missile rack.

Ordnances than can be installed on this missile rack.




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