Lyrus Flotilla[edit | edit source]

Not exactly a space station. Banu just begin to gather at a trade hub and the resulting gathering of ships is lashed together and grows over time organically.  The cause is in question; it is not on a trade route.  Perhaps it was a terraforming station, or perhaps it was the first stop on an evacuation route. 

Hard to find resources and metals might be found here. Some cast off human goods as well.

Sidenote: Also, when doing trade it is traditional when trading with the Banu to drink from tea-flasks called Slomadons. It is tradition that traders will add something like an herb or a spice so the Slomadon is being built by all the trades and drinking from it shows a sign of trust.  Humans should drink sparingly due to the possible potency of some of the herbs.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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